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My world and three articles have been nominated for World Anvil's Worldbuilding Awards 2022. Please look over the candidates and I'd love your vote if you like my work!

Atticus Ashbury-Smythe

The half-elf flim flam man and bard known as Atticus Ashbury-Smythe hails from Molndal where he claimes to be the younger scion of a noble house. No one has ever been able to confirm this.

478 words


A world of magic and conflict where the gods have withdrawn and mortals have seized their own destiny.

442 words

Sgt. Kill Flayer

The gruff no-nonsense co-head instructor at Gold Arrow Station. He isn't afraid to tell it how it is.

631 words

Instructor of Recruits

The soulforged Head Instructor at the Orientation Auditorium in Gold Arrow Station.

727 words

Anamas Gifts Giving

On Anamas Eve a loose organization of supernatural beings join forces to give presents to as many children as possible.

839 words

Eldritch Army

Also called Chagroth's Army, the military force based at Chagroth's Tower mixes magic and military power.

1385 words

Legions of Light

The coffers of House Molndal employ an army of professional soldiers. This mostly human army displays their tiefling members to promote their diversity.

1608 words


A great feast held on the 23rd of Anamber to commemorate the forging of Anam, the God of Justice.

479 words

Icing Bear

A type of gourmet golem made from cake and butter cream that resembles a bear. They melt in warmer climates and must be brought to cold places to survive.

343 words

Great Spirits of the Zone

Mighty supernatural beings who have allied with the mortals of the Kirinal Concordance Zone.

502 words

Tridenser Host

The divine forces who serve Anam gather together at the Citadel of Anam to defend the world.

1584 words

Talin Islands

The home islands of the Talino people are an archipelago of tropical islands strategically placed as a crossroads for three continents.

979 words

Kirinal Garrison

The warriors of western Lozar fight alongside mercenary war mages at the Fortress of Kirinal.

2286 words


The unique combination of magic, Hex Crystal technology, and interdimensional devices found in the Kirinal Concordance Zone. The Kirinalos have access to a differnt dimension, world, or plane every Days of the Week.

361 words

Thayan Armada

The united military forces of the elven people of Erathia. They fly into battle on Telperion Skyships and flying mounts.

1954 words

First Gifts Giving

826 words

Magister's Command

An army of necromancers controlling skeletons supported by a goblin horde. This time, they're defending the world, not taking it over.

1375 words

Episode 2.5: Baku Backups, the Anamas Eve Siege Report

After the destruction of the Transmog Oven, the Baku Backups attempt to keep the recovered children safe from the predations of Aswang.

1784 words

Zone Authority Police

"Zaps" for short, the Zone Authority Police control the borders between Cantons and enforce the Concordant Mandates.

58 words

Hex Crystal Battalion

The innovative dwarven forces of the Tortoise combine craftsmanship and magitech. The earth dwarves have left the "old ways" behind.

1733 words


The Kirinal Concordance Zone has adopted the Talino word for a class of feudal warriors. Maharlika are full citizens who earn the title with five years of service to the Concordance.

824 words

Winter's Horde

Hordes of orcs and northern barbarians have put aside their traditional rivalry to form the most fearsome army in the Kirinal Concordance Zone.

1262 words

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Weaponizing my ADHD for the good of humanity.

Hello, my name is Chris, but I go as kitoypoy all over the internet and it's become my WA handle slightly by accident!

I'm a Filipino-American living in Florida and I've been playing RPG's, mostly D&D on and off since the early 1980s.

I'm here on WorldAnvil to document the generic fantasy setting I came up with as a teenager and transform it into something unique to me. I'm taking my upbringing as a diasporic second generation Filipino and giving it a fantasy twist.

As I've iterated through my campaign world, updating it and changing it for each edition of D&D, it's become a living place. A world of immigrants and native-born working together to build a new future together.

Old traditions constantly butt up with new ways of living. The residents of my world struggle with holding on to the past while becoming better versions of themselves.

All that, plus weekly interdimensional invasions, skyships,and magic robots who just want to be loved!

Welcome to the World of Wizard's Peak! I hope you enjoy your stay!

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