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The term "Kirinalo" serves as a catch-all term for the denizens of the Kirinal Concordance Zone who live next to the Pit. They profit from the opportunities of living near a multiversal nexus while mitigating the dangers it also brings. We are bound together not only by our proximity to the Kirinal Pit, but our shared history of survival, cooperation, and the pursuit of prosperity. I am proud to call myself a Kirinalo.

I am an orc of Borthakar by birth, but I have earned the privilege to call myself a Kirinalo. I took the title through righteous and honorable violence on the stones of the Pit Wall. I stained my weapon and my hands in the ichor of our enemies. I fight in the name of the Concordance and I bear the ident-a-hedron proudly. Anyone who says different can meet me in the Ring of Honor.

Kirinalos are the residents and citizens of the Kirinal Concordance Zone. They live and work on the edge of the Kirinal Pit, trading with sophonts who arrive with the Manifest, harvesting resources from empty worlds, and defending Erathia from hostile planes.

Many Kirinalos are descended from Talino immigrants (humans, gnomes, elves, and dwarves) who flocked to the Zone in the early years before the Orrery of Worlds was completed. They were some of the few mortals who were willing to live and work in the chaotic times before the Pit was tamed. Their descendants have thrived in the multiversal civilization that has since arisen.

The friendly Kirinalos happily accept anyone who will follow the Concordant Mandates and work hard alongside them. Once you have your ident-a-hedron, they will happily consider anyone from elemental genasi to teetotaling vampires as their fellows.

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