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Sgt. Yahn Sunder

Sgt Yahn Sunder

Here in the Kirinal Concordance Zone we have the honor of being the home of one of the greatest hunters in the multiverse. Sgt. Yahn Sunder of the Kirinal Garrison specializes in hunting megafauna in the worlds that manifest in the Kirinal Pit. He is also an unmatched BBQ Pitmaster and the annual Mid-Summer Barbecue Festival was renamed in his honor after he won it 10 years in a row!

After the old Instructor here, Sgt. Sunder is probably my best friend in all the Zone! We fought side-by-side for decades on the Pit Wall, but while I've moved on to teach you new Pit Meats, Old Yahn has kept his spot fighting on the front lines! Between you and me, he doesn't think civilian life is for him, he likes killing too much and on the Wall he gets paid for it!

Sgt. Kill Flayer

Sgt. Yahn Sunder has served on the front lines of the Pit Wall for decades, refusing every promotion or transfer that has been offered to him. Many believe that he would be given command of the Kirinal Garrison if he ever asked for him. Almost every soldier in the Garrison has a tale of Sgt. Sunder's bravery and valor in combat against every type of foe from across the multiverse.

Sgt. Sunder is content with his status as an NCO. The lack of real responsibility allows him to follow his true passions, hunting kaiju, fishing for leviathans, and cooking them all up for his annual BBQ-Palooza. He makes sure that all the proceeds of the Festival go to benefit the Heavenly Council of Ki-rins Orphans Fund.

Diving In A Frozen Sea

I have a week of leave and of course it's time for me to hunt. I pulled a claw the size of my spear off of the biggest squid I've ever seen from some place called the Yonderverse. I had a mage turn it into a portal key for me and after I put on my best cold weather gear, I visited a world known as Daglaci.

I make a quick visit with the local Monster Hunters only to discover that they're poorly outfitted and underfunded. Their patrons are obviously playing them for fools/food. I give them some advice on eating the rich.

I find a thin place in the ice and prepare. I down a salty potion that will allow me to breath in the water and survive in the crushing cold. I pull on some headgear with tech that will let me see in the depths and track my prey. I shrug on a suit of puncture-proof manta leather enchanted to let me swim faster than I can run. Sunder hums in my hand with anticipation and I slide into the dark cold water.

I've heard that goliath squid are strong enough to pull entire cities down into the ice. I wonder what they taste like.

Sgt. Sunder, Squid Hunter

Sgt Sunder vs Goliath Squid

Yahn the Orphan

Sgt. Sunder was orphaned at an early age himself and fondly remembers his upbringing under the ki-rins. He never knew his father and vaguely remembers his mother, Sonja, the previous wielder of Sunder the Spear. She died as she lived, in combat on the Pit Wall when Yahn was small. The spear passed to him and would whisper tales of his illustrious ancestors to him as he slept.

Yahn grew up in the Empyrean Ki-rin Monastery and always knew that he wanted to join the Garrison and serve as his forebears did. In his youth, he trained with the rangers of the Anomalous Forest. The elves considered him to be one of the most talented human hunters that they had ever encountered. The elven rangers acknowledge that he has surpassed them in hunting skills and deadliness.

Sunder the Spear

The sentient spear Sunder is the ancestral weapon and namesake of the Sunder family. It murmurs the deeds of its previous wielders into the mind of its companion and records the deeds of Yahn with great pride. It constantly asks when Yahn will sire an heir for the spear to move on to when Yahn falls in battle. Yahn cannot bring himself to put a child through the pain that he experienced himself.

As a perfectionist of the highest order, Yahn will not be a father unless he can be the best father ever.

Sgt. Sunder Plot Hooks

The Missing Meat

The carcass of a rare and exotic beast that Sgt. Sunder hunted personally has gone missing. He is busy working on his next BBQ masterpiece and the players are hired to track and retrieve it. They delve into the underground world of black meat market and uncover a plot to sabotage the BBQ-Palooza.

Sunder's Stolen Spear

Sgt. Sunder's sentient spear has been stolen. The group must investigate a network of fences and magic item sales to confront a diabolical wizard who seeks to harness the spear's power.

Heir to the Spear

Yahn has decided that with no blood heir, he must find an heir for Sunder the Spear in another way. The party is part of a group of competitors who attempt to prove themselves worthy through a series of trials that test their hunting, combat, and culinary skills.

Barbecue Bandits

Sgt. Sunder has gone offworld during BBQ-Palooza and a group of bandits takes the opportunity to attack the festival. They intend to steal the proceeds meant for the Orphan Fund. The heroes must defend the festival and chase down the thieves.

Sunder's Secret Recipe

A mysterious food tycoon is after Sunder's secret BBQ recipe. The party is caught up in a game of espionage and intrigue, tasked with protecting the recipe and uncovering the identity of the enigmatic figure.

Hunt in the Manifest

Sunder invites the players to particitpate in a hunting competition in the Manifest where they must track and hunt a lengendary creature. As the hunt proceeds, they discover that the creature is more than just a simple beast.

Legacy of the Leatherworker

Sunder requestst the party's help in retrieving a rare material that he needs for a special leatherworking project. The hide of the beast he's working on defies his attempts to tan it and he sends them on a quest to a remote and perilous location, facing environmental challenges and fierce creatures.

Pit Meat on the Wall

An enormous threat emerges from the Kirinal Pit and threatens to overwhelm the Pit Wall. The group must join Sgt. Sunder in an epic battle, testing their combat prowess and strategic acumen.

Culinary Conundrum

Sgt Sunder has joined an interplanar culinary competition and has asked the party to assist him. He gives them a list of exotic ingredients that he needs from across the multiverse. They face rival chefs and navigate the politics of the multiversal culinary world.

Year End Feast at the Garrison
Sergeants Kill Flayer & Sunder at the Year End Feast by Chris L - Heroforge
Lawful Good
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Dark brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Heavily tanned
146 lbs
Aligned Organization

Cover image: Sgt. Yahn Sunder Header by Chris L - Heroforge
Character Portrait image: Sgt. Yahn Sunder by Chris L - Heroforge


Author's Notes

Special thanks to mochimanoban for letting me play in their worlds a little! I got the inspiration from:

Monster Hunting
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 31, 2023

The rich folk of Daglaci are melting the ice that holds up each and every city on the planet. The poor are forced to clean up their mess, when monsters from below emerge to slaughter the entire planet's population.

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