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Kirinal Defenders

You are all Kirinal Defenders. I don't care who your daddy was, what hellhole you came from, or which slice you live in. You have a weapon in your hand and you stand here on the Wall. If you fall, our world dies, so you're going to fight until I tell you to stop. We are all Kirinal Defenders.

Kirinal Defender is the term that refers to all soldiers fighting at the Kirinal Pit under the flag of the Concordance for Survival. They defend the world or Erathia against invading armies, hordes of abominations, and elemental evils that appear on the worst Days of the Week in the Pit.

They are based in the Eight Fortresses that ring the Kirinal Pit and serve in the military of one of the Eight Cantons. Beyond these basic facts, each of the Eight Armies is very different from each other.

In order to coordinate with each other on Days of War, they train together on a regular schedule. There is no telling what combination of forces could come together to fight some unknown eldritch horror. They take their jobs and their titles very seriously.

Armies of the Concordance

Overall training Level

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