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Many of you may have come from realms where you had to obey a monarch of some sort. Here in the Concordant Zone, we do not require you to kneel for someone based on their parentage.
— Instructor of Recruits
They wield supreme executive power because of who their daddy is. I don't get it. The last orc standing? That I get.
— Sgt. Kill Flayer

The monarchies of the world based their right to rule on the mandate of the gods. The gods withdrew from the world in the year 3060, greatly reducing their divine influence in mortal affairs.

A few years later the King of Lozar abdicated his throne and turned over the reins of government to the Sovranty of Lozar. He was a good man from a nation that already leaned towards populism. He was smart enough to follow the logical repercussions and get ahead of the curve.

Many of his fellow monarchs were not as astute. They attempted to hold onto absolute power through force of arms. Most ended their reigns with their neck on an executioner's block.

The ancient practice of absolute monarchy is considered barbaric in the Concordant Lands. A few exist outside of the Concordances influence.

I ruled by virtue of the divine grace of Anam. Now that Anam has withdrawn from the world, my right to rule has also departed. My final act as King of Lozar is to dissolve the monarchy. I declare myself a citizen of the Sovranty.
— King Adinet Avaloni, the Last Tridenser King

Surviving Royals

Other royal families besides House Avaloni of Lozar, survived the end of monarchies. With centuries of rulership to sharpen their political senses, many royals made the transition smoothly into politics and business. They followed the lead of House Molndal, former kings who had already made the transition to a mercantile house with their wealth and power intact.



Hereditary, elective, and divinely mandated monarchies were all common before the gods withdrew.

Other Benefits

Kings wielded absolute executive authority in the kingdoms they ruled. Many also held supreme judicial authority.



Kings led their nations through divine right. At best they were supposed to fight for and act in the interests of their people in the name of the gods. At worst, they exploited their power and regarded the people as playthings.

Da da da dat da dat da da da da ya da
Da da dat dat da ya da!
Da da da dat da dat da da da da ya da
Da da dat dat da!
— King George III, Hamilton
Alternative Names
Queen, Monarch, Emperor, Emperess

Sovranty of Lozar

The smoothest transition happened in Lozar, going from a constitutional monarchy to a republic with no bloodshed when the former King abdicated and dissolved his title.

Empire of Borthakar

A bloody civil war raged amongst the nascent nobility of this orcish empire. The Last Emperor ended up with his head on a pike. The Battle Chief of Borthakar is elected in an orc-moot every 5 years.

Magocracy of Kiris

The mages of Kiris had no tradition of kings.

Freal Numor

The free-wheeling politics of Freal Numor took the end of the monarchy as a minor bump in their byzantine society. The former royal family happily took the chance to get out of politics and the view of the public.


The King of Karifar was the first royal casualty, assassinated within a week of the abdication of the Tridenser King.

Kingdom of Cantreval

The last actual kingdom in the Concordance. The Cantrevalons love their royalty and ended up with a constitutional monarchy with a figurehead king.

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