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Unlawful sophonts who do not wish to partake in the civilization of the Concordance or the Sovranty dwell in the Kirinal Wastes. It's a harsh and dangerous existence, if they would only accept the ident-a-hedron, their lives could be so much easier.
Ol' Sgt Kill Flayer could've easily been one of those Wastelanders in another time and life. It's a good thing for me that me ancestors got caught in Borthakar! Now look at me! I'm an orc in a uniform instead of an idiot scrabbling in broken rocks for no reason!

The inhabitants of the Kirinal Wastes, mortal and monstrous, are referred to as the Wastelanders. They purposely dwell in the broken lands around the Kirinal Concordance Zone for a variety of reasons. Some are outlaws, criminals who have been put outside the law for extreme offenses such as murder, enslavement, or treason against Erathia. Others are cultists seeking to escape notice or religious extremists, like the Anti-hedrons, who reject the soul manipulations common with modern magitech. Lastly there are true monsters: fiends, aswang, undead, and others who prey on mortals and can be lawfully destroyed on sight.

Resource Parasites

Those living here technically fall under the government of the Royal Duchy of Kirinal. The Duchy focuses on the living settlements along the Rivers and protecting the railways in and out of the Zone. They discourage people from living in the Wastes, assuming that Wastelanders are mostly criminals or monsters.

Unfortunately for it's denizens, the Wastes have no natural resources. Wastelanders don't grow anything and the broken land has no natural resources to exploit. Anything they need to live must be imported or stolen. Many of it's residents join the Gray Angels and other raider gangs that prey on skyships and the trains passing through every day.

Monstrous Melting Pot

The outcasts of a thousand worlds with nowhere else to go often find themselves living in the Wastes. The descendants of monstrosities and invaders still fight for existence here. Those too savage, or too insane, to live in a regulated society find their place in the lawlessness of the broken lands. Many do not realize that the Concordance would be glad to accept them, but they are kept in ignorance by leaders who would rather keep them as supplicants to their will.

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Jul 13, 2021 11:53 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

It's intriguing that the Concordance would just accept all those people from otherworld, that must make for a really interesting society! Is this Wasteland the only place in your world that welcomes people who wants to escape society? I was going to say I could understand them regarding that, but then it's a zone without any resources :p   Nice article :D

Jul 13, 2021 12:23 by Chris L

Thanks for the thoughtful comments! I'm purposely writing about an accepting society that is all diaspora. As a person of Filipino ancestry born in America, I'm trying to intentionally bring my viewpoint into my worldbuilding. Even the "best" societies will have outcasts and the Wastelands are where the Zone's misfits retreat to!

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