Grand Duchy of Molndal

Proper Name: Grand Duchy of Molndal

Ruler: Duke Verneri Molndal, First Warden of Molndal, Knight of the Order of Light (Lawful neutral, male human)

Government: Hereditary feudal monarchy

Seat of Government: City of Molndal

Cities: Molndal (M), Morozzo (LC)

Resources: Grain, gold, extraplanar goods, trade center, fine wine and spirits, foodstuffs, manufactured items. Black market for contraband.

Population: Dominant: Humans; Minority: Tieflings.

Law: LN

The insular land of Molndal is blessed with the best farmland and the richest goldmines on the continent of Krosia. House Molndal has wisely and ruthlessly exploited these resources to expand their power while retaining the loyalty of their people.

Molndal has managed to move with the times, becoming a modern member of the Sovranty of Lozar and the Concordance for Survival while retaining their Molndalian imperiousness.

House Molndal

Demography and Population

Citizens, the Blood of Molndal

Humans of Molndalian blood, the "Blood of Molndal", are automatically entitled to citizenship in the Grand Duchy regardless of their birthplace. Half-elves and tieflings that can prove their "blood" can apply for citizenship and usually have it granted to them. Other "half-breeds" can apply, but only receive citizenship under extreme circumstances.   Aliens who have served in the Order of Light can apply to become citizens at the end of their service.   Citizenship confers the following rights and responsibilities within Molndal:
  • The right to make contracts and own property
  • The right to hold civil offices
  • The right to a legal trial and to sue
  • The right to practice magic
  • The right to join the Molndalian Church of the Sun
  • Automatic citizenship for their natural-born children
  • A pension upon reaching the age of 60
  • Beginning at the age of 18, they must serve two 2-year terms in service to Molndal: miliary, religious, or trade.

Guests and Guest Workers


Beginning at the age of 18, male Molndalians are required to serve up to 4 years in the military. Those of noble blood, or those with enough wealth to purchase a title, become Knights. Commoners can join the Order of Light as Light Troopers, join the Watch or join the Molndalian Guard.  

The Order of Light



Glory. Gold. Grain.

Sovranty of Lozar

Map of the Sovranty of Lozar.

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