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Here in the Kirinal Concordance Zone, we give the title of Maharlika to those who have given their time, their duty, and sometimes their life for the ideals of the Concordance. There is no greater honor and no greater duty. Only Maharlikans can exercise the rights of a full citizen here in the Zone. I am pleased to have earned the title myself. I am honored to call myself Citizen Instructor of Recruits.

As a child of two Maharlikans, I received partial citizenship in the Zone from birth. I had to earn my icosahedron with two years of sweaty grunt work in the Bastion and three years of hard bloody fighting on the Wall. I've done every dirty job that an orc can do. I've had to fight off invaders from a hundred different worlds... So much fun! I'd love to do it again!

The Concordance for Survival embraced the Talino concept of Maharlika, a feudal warrior class of lower nobility in the Talin Islands. They use it for those who have earned full citizenship in the Kirinal Concordance Zone. Only Maharlika are entitled to bear an icosahedral Ident-a-hedron.


To earn the title of Maharlika, an individual must have completed five years of service to the Concordance for Survival. Service in any branch of the Kirinal Defenders, with the Zone Authority, or working directly for any of the Eight Concorant Cantons counts towards this service.


On the first Heaven of every month, ceremonies are held in the "Embassy City" of each Canton. The Minister of each Alliance, or their representative, inducts crowds of new Maharlikans into full citizenship. ZIO Agents conduct the Create Ident-a-hedron spell immediately, converting their old Ident-a-hedrons into the twenty-sided icosahedrons that mark them as new Maharlika.

I love participating in the Maharlikan Ceremony as often as I can. I get to welcome new Maharlika into the embrace of the Concordance that I have given my life to. Together, we are creating a hopeful future that my ancestors never dreamed of.

Lola Carly, ZIO Agent


Maharlikans swear to follow the Concordant Mandates and to work towards the prosperity of the Concordance and its peoples. Many Maharlikans also have citizenship in other nations, but they are asked to put the KCZ first in their thoughts and actions.


Maharlikans must pay the Concordant Tax and they are required to vote in the annual elections.


Only Maharlikans can vote in Concordance elections or hold elected office in the Zone. Only full citizens can hold positions of power in any Concordant Alliance organization. Maharlikans may enter the KCZ freely and pass any of its borders without question.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Every resident of the KCZ must "Bear the Ident-a-hedron." Only Maharlikans are entitled to bear a 20-sided hedron keyed to the color of the Canton they reside in.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Those who have committed treason against the Concordance have their ident-a-hedron destroyed. They are removed from any positions of power they might hold. They are denied entry to the KCZ and may not cross any of its borders. Treason is defined by commiting war against, attempting to overthrow, or aiding the enemies of the Concordance. The Zone Tribunal is the only authority with the power to decide this.

Civic, Citizenship
Form of Address
Equates to

Citizen, Knight, Voter

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