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Lola Carly Magos Pamplona

She knows all, she sees all, and she has snacks!

ZIO Agent Carlinda Magos Pamplona (a.k.a. Lola Carly)

Lola Carly is my favorite ZIO Agent! Everytime I walk by her office she has some bibingka ready for me! I don't know how she does it.

— Sgt. Kill Flayer

Her name tag reads: Zone Ident-a-hedron Office Agent Carlinda Magos Pamplona and everyone hopes that they get her when its time to have their Ident-a-hedron made or re-made. This chubby brown-skinned gnome grandmother works as a ZIO Agent at Gold Arrow Station. She's known for her enormous glasses and a raucous laugh that can be heard throughout the station. She keeps boxes of kakanin, homemade goodies, in her office that she freely distributes to anyone that shows even a hint of hunger.

The gnome woman's eyes gleam through her thick glasses. Her face full of curious benevolent power as she pulls out a shard of your soul. She holds a piece of you in her hand, ready for implantation in the blank hedron.

"Before I finish the ritual," she says in a thick Talino accent, "is there anything you want to know about yourself? I can see it all in front of me, your past and all your potential futures. Just ask, apo. It's okay!"

The High Priestess - Lola Carly
The High Priestess by Chris L

Seer of Fates

The rich and the influential come to Lola Carly to have their hedrons made. They know that she has the gift of true sight. She will happily use it to point out the most fulfilling futures for her clients.

Those with actual power recognize her as one of the strongest spellcasters in the Zone. Even the Navigator of Worlds comes to visit Lola Carly when he's not sure which path to choose for the world along the Great Wheel.

Oh! So much, so much! So many futures in front of you! Some long and some short! So exciting! Be careful, ok? And here's some bibingka. You eat!

— Lola Carly to a young adventurer

Hidden Weaver of Lives

As the High Priestess of the God of Death, Molak, she sees life and death as one large tapestry. She does her best to make sure that everyone finds their rightful place and their rightful end in the weave. She sees undead and Aswang as an abomination and does not trust the motives of House Molndal.

Every bit of carefully placed advice she gives out influences life and civilization forward and is designed to bring about the peaceful and orderly end of things in their rightful time.

Oh honey, you born with divine power in blood and you become... sorceror?! Why you so lazy? You supposed to be paladin, but you didn't study! Now, when you get to moon, what will you do?

— Lola Carly to the aasimar, "Lance Uppercut"
Neutral Good
Current Location
Year of Birth
2019 FA 1205 Years old
Current Residence
White and gray.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Nut Brown
3' 1"
50 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Related Plots
Ruled Locations

Cover image: Lola Carly Header by Sin Posadas
Character Portrait image: Lola Carly Pamplona, Seer of Destiny and Restaurateur by Sin Posadas


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