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Zone Minister

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The Zone Minister is the highest executive official in the Kirinal Concordance Zone. The ZM's main duty is to protect the Zone from worldly and extraplanar threats, to enforce the Concordant Mandates, and to oversee trade from the Zone to the rest of the world.

The title of Zone Minister rotates through the members of the Concordance for Survival. Each of the eight member alliances gets a five-year term to be in control of the Executive branch. They are given terms in clockwise order of their canton around the Kirinal Pit. They can submit a candidate who must pass unanimously in a vote by all the other members.

The ZM is in charge of the Zone Authority and the Mercantile Council. The ZM signs and enforces laws passed by the Council of Eight. Over time, the Kirinal Concordance Zone, has grown into the greatest group of cities in the world. It generates more wealth and holds more power than any single nation in Erathia. The position has acquired prestige, power, and influence that was not intended for it. Today, the ZM holds more power than any King or Emperor held before them.


The Zone Minister is chosen from the leadership of whichever Zone Alliance member is currently in charge.


Candidates for Zone Minister must pass a unanimous vote of the Council of Eight.


The Zone Minister's Dedication Ceremony occurs after the Council of Eight has voted.

Civic, Political
Form of Address
Zone Minister
Alternative Naming
Equates to
King, First Warden, Emperor.
Source of Authority
Length of Term

5 years

Related Locations
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