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2024 New Year's Resolutions & WorldEmber 2023 Ethnicity Shortlist

I reviewed my New Year's Resolution article for 2023 and I seem to have a tradition of writing these pretty late in the process! I've had an unusually busy December and January IRL, busy with family/friends, work, and campaigns that I play in and that I'm running. But I've had this article about my category judging and my resolutions in my head the entire time.

Resolution Review

Last year I set myself the goals of "Spend my time and energy wisely", "Finish the job", and "Pause to look around." I think I've done a pretty good job with all of them honestly. I was super careful with my attention this year, not taking on extra projects. I actually ended some personal activities that were taking up a lot of time, but not giving a lot back to me. I got started on the first of my "Slice of Life" articles in the Zone and I'm gearing up to start working on them!

I do still have piles of unread books, comics, and RPG materials sitting around (with more coming in!). But I think I've got a bit more reading and media consumption in. I'm resisting playing video games (Baldur's Gate 3) with all my might!

For this year, I want to:

  1. Continue to allocate my attention wisely!
  2. Work on creating my own art, commissioning art, and replacing my AI images.
  3. Create a sales-worthy piece of RPG material OR write a short story.

Wish me luck!

Ethnicity Category Shortlist

Last year, I judged the Tradition category and had 65 entries. This year I got the Ethnicity Category and 91 entries. I read through all of them and this year I'm going to give you my 6 favorites. As always, the winner will be one of them!


by usurperkings

Sapha Burnell, also known as usurperkings, is a professional writer and you can really tell by the quality of her writing and her presentation.

Her article is about a future communal society who live in a utopia brought about by a benevolent AI. I found it both captivating and a little scary.


by E. Christopher Clark

This article is about a group of imaginary people who rise from the collective consciousness of a group of people. These heroes and gods are like turbo-boosted versions of imaginary friends. Like all of Chris' creations they're sly, lusty, and a lot of fun.

I hang out with Chris for his work week lunch streams and we have a few laughs while he writes, creates art, and works on his world. You should come too, it's a lot of fun!

Imperial Citizens

by AmélieIS

This article is presented as a primer/intro for new in-world citizens who were conquered by the Empire at the center of the "Imperial Soulmates" world. It also serves as a great introduction to one of Amelie's most entertaining concepts.

The newly conquered are under no illusions as to where they fit in the pecking order, and they had better not get out of line!

Nomads of Mercury

by Annie Stein

These citizens of the stunning world of Solaris constantly travel to stay in the terminator region of the planet Mercury. They are on the front lines of the solar systems war with the mad angels that live in the sun.

I'm always in awe of Annie's impeccable design sense and the art that she creates herself. She's making something really special and you owe it to yourself to make a visit to Solaris.

Meadow Goblins

by Blue Fairy 74

Blue Fairy turned in a delightful article abut fey goblins who seem to live in a happy, if not idyllic, lifestyle.

I'm really impressed by Blue Fairy's imaginative use of World Anvil's mapping functionality. They used the layers of the map to deliver a "paper doll" experience showing the clothing, adornments, and makeup of meadow goblins from various walks of life.


by Chronicles of Evalaw

I literally gasped when I came across this article about a race of tieflings/dragonborn. This well written article was well written and full of sumptuous custom and commissioned art.

I follow the World of Evalaw, but don't see them pushing the notification button very often. This article, and the world associated with it, really deserves more attention!

Some WorldEmber 2023 Favorites

And to fill out the list of articles that I enjoyed during World Ember 2023, I submit the following:

Floating Islands

by TJ Trewin

I'm a big fan of flying islands and I love to see how people implement them in their own world building. Here, the always talented TJ presents his version in a new-to-me world called "Journals of Yesteryear".

Their islands float around as a result of hot gas in hot rocks that pull islands into the sky. They follow routes around the world, but can run into each other or even crash back to ground! I also enjoyed the fun flipping article blocks in the sidebar!


by Sh4d0wPh03n1x

ShadowPhoenix's delightful AND educational Computer Adventures world has delivered megabytes of 8-bit fun the last year! This article, tells about the first computer bug, which was an actual bug! It puts a positive spin on the bane of my actual work existence.

Give their world a visit to see anthropomorphic computer concepts come to life through handmade art! Who could ask for more?


by Mochimanoban

I'm super intrigued by Mochi's universe of world building. They've created so many worlds and so many different types of fascinating creatures to inhabit them!

I've started looking for ways to do "team-ups" with other creators in my own world building. I picked this frozen planet with its terrifying monsters as a location for my resident kaiju killer, Sgt. Yahn Sunder, to visit for his monster hunting vacation!

Oatpera House

by Emily Armstrong

Emily Armstrong is another of my favorites on Worldanvil and I've been really enjoying her CulinaryPunk world! She's been working on it for more than a year now and it's getting more and more fleshed out and becoming weirder and more fun as it goes!

I continue to wonder what exactly the people of Culinaria eat, or if they're all cannibals, but I try not to think about it to hard. (Does the food on their plates come to life? Did they used to know them? What happens to a Butter Knight when they die? Is the afterlife the inside of someone's stomach?!?)

Atreimus, Strength Incarnate

by Strixxline

Another of my favorites in the community, Line also has weekly Twitch streams that I like to hang out in! They have a few articles about the God of Protection and Light and I like this one that focuses a little more on how the power of belief works in Malkora.

I especially enjoyed that the god's believers are empowered as long as they believe that they themselves are just! Lots of room in there for juicy character/writing shenanigans, sectarian warfare, and internal hypocrisy.

WorldEmber 2023 Hub
Generic article | Jan 29, 2024

My hub for WorldAnvil 2023 activities!

Cover image: Worldember 2023 Generic Header by Chris L


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Jan 18, 2024 16:39 by Rin Garnett

I don't envy having to pick just one winner out of those six, they're all excellent choices!   I've come to embrace the to-be-read/played/whatever pile. It's nice going back to when you don't know what to do next, and having the variety of options you've built up over the years :) well done with your 2023 goals, and best of luck with 2024!

Jan 19, 2024 14:06 by Chris L

Thank you, it was tough, but I picked one! Looking forward to what our whole community creates in 2024!

See WorldEmber 2023 Hub for my WorldEmber progress.

Check out my challenge winning article: Ghost Boy.

Jan 18, 2024 16:58

Thank you for adding my article to your six favorites and I am very touched to have been chosen among such great Anvilities :). I wish you a successful happy year 2024 and hope you achieve your goals and maybe so much more.

Stay imaginative and discover Blue´s Worlds, Elaqitan and Naharin.
Jan 19, 2024 14:07 by Chris L

Your use of the map was both clever and delightful! Good luck to you in 2024 as well!

See WorldEmber 2023 Hub for my WorldEmber progress.

Check out my challenge winning article: Ghost Boy.

Jan 18, 2024 18:03 by E. Christopher Clark

Hey, thanks for including me on the short-list. What a great bunch of articles!

Check out my progress on the Cabinet of Curiosities
Jan 19, 2024 14:08 by Chris L

Thank you! You always write some of my favorite articles every event!

See WorldEmber 2023 Hub for my WorldEmber progress.

Check out my challenge winning article: Ghost Boy.

Jan 18, 2024 18:30 by Mochi

aaaa thank you for featuring Daglaci! I am kinda sad I never ended up writing an ethnicity article for worldember but hey ho xD some great picks too!! Hope you have the best 2024 <3

I hope you have a great day!   Explore the endless planets brimming with life of the Yonderverse! Go after creatures, discover new places, and learn about the people you find along the way.   Check out my new world, Ava Admira!
Jan 19, 2024 14:09 by Chris L

You always write such fun and interesting articles. Wishing you the best and most productive 2024 as well! Can't wait to see what kinds of monstrosities and critters you come up with!

See WorldEmber 2023 Hub for my WorldEmber progress.

Check out my challenge winning article: Ghost Boy.

Jan 20, 2024 14:00 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Great picks for your shortlist, and for the extra articles to show off!   Hope you have a wonderful 2024!

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Jan 20, 2024 14:08 by Chris L

Thank you!

See WorldEmber 2023 Hub for my WorldEmber progress.

Check out my challenge winning article: Ghost Boy.

Jan 25, 2024 10:41

Thank you so much for including everyone's best friend, Bug! <3 And what a fantastic short-list too! Best of luck this 2024, I'm looking forward to reading more! :D

What do you want to discover in Computer Adventures?
Jan 25, 2024 15:02 by Chris L

Thanks for the read. Bug is... not the best, but lots of fun!

See WorldEmber 2023 Hub for my WorldEmber progress.

Check out my challenge winning article: Ghost Boy.

Jan 27, 2024 09:14 by Annie Stein

It's been really cool seeing World of Wizards Peak evolve last year, and I'm excited to see what 2024 has in store for us all creatively. I'm cheering you on with those goals, I think you can create something real cool!   And thank you for the high praise of my article about the Nomads, it's so neat that it made the shortlist!

Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore!
Jan 27, 2024 21:37 by Chris L

Thanks to you for your help with my homepage. I'm SO excited to see what you create in 2024!

See WorldEmber 2023 Hub for my WorldEmber progress.

Check out my challenge winning article: Ghost Boy.

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