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Tito Corbin's Taverns Incorporated

The company known as Tito Corbin's Incorporated is one of the great success stories of our modern civilization. The chaos of war and constant extraplanar invasions would never have allowed a company devoted to drinking to thrive and prosper. Now with magitech transport and communication, a company like this can cover the globe!
I do love me a good drink at me local Tito Corbin's, but believe me, House Quin-Cordova just has their eyes on profits. They could care less about their customers or the average working orc!

The jaunty face of Tito Corbin with his signature Drinks That Are On Fire are a familiar sight throughout the world of Krosia. Throngs of hard working mortals flock to their local Tito Corbin's after a hard days work for a tasty drink and a spectacular show from their friendly mix-o-mancer.

The Company

Tito Corbin's Taverns Incorporated is a company with headquarters in the City of Talinside Bay for the Sovranty and in Garrison City for the Concordance. They have satellite offices throughout Krosia and the rest of the known world.

The company is owned by the descendants of Corbin, House Quin-Cordova. This large mercantile family has their fingers in distribution, land ownership, construction, and the manufacturing of food and beverages. The wealthy family has a hand in politics throughout the world. They maximize profits by keeping things peaceful, protecting trade routes, and lobbying against pesky, stifling regulations.

The Taverns

Mellie the Mix-o-mancer

The best mix-o-mancer in Silver Gate splits time between the local Tito Corbin's Tavern and Grig's Grotto.

The first Tito Corbin's Tavern was opened by Corbin Quin Cordova himself a few hundred years ago in Talinside Bay. He mixed his limited magical skills with a flamboyant style and impeccable taste for good drinks. The first true mix-o-mancer, Corbin successfully parlayed his first tavern into a chain of a half dozen Tito Corbin's in western Lozar. Unfortunately Corbin's criminal instincts got the better of him and he was burned to death by angry patrons that he had been stealing from.

Despite the ignominius demise of their founder, Tito Corbin's Taverns remained popular. With the spread of railroads and skyships, the chain has a network of taverns in most of the cities in the lands of the Sovranty and the Concordance. They have expanded beyond beyond the continent, opening franchises throughout the known world. Tito Corbins are responsible for hiring most of the mix-o-mancers in the world.

The idea of large companies is relatively new and local taverns correctly see a Tito Corbin's opening near them as a threat. As excited customers flock to the new tavern, many of the smaller places lose business and have to close. Others rise to the occasion, stepping up their game and giving the big company healthy competition.

The Haunting

Legends say that Tito Corbin's ghost still lingers around the taverns that bear his name. They say that he sees every drink on fire that's made and that he'll visit those that don't say "Tito Corbin's Prayer" when they drink one. The legends are true.

The mischievous Corbin does indeed haunt his taverns, the offices of the corporation, and even members of House Quin-Cordova. After getting revenge on his killers, Corbin prefers to remain in the living world. What heaven could be better than a world where your legacy brings wealth and your name is joyously celebrated every night?

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