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Tito Corbin

Shipmage Corbin Quin Cordova

The legendary scoundrel known as Tito Corbin lives on today in the chain of taverns that bear his name. They're famous for the theatrics surrounding their signature "drinks on fire." They do serve a tasty white wine spritzer mixed with a nice jolt of sweet naphtha oil.
I think I've been to every Tito Corbin's Tavern on the continent! I love a good Tito Corbin's Pyre with some crispy dwarven bacon in it. I forgot to say the prayer one time and Corbin's ghost showed up that night to scare me straight and set me right!

Tito Corbin remember when he go see that Sgt. Kill Flayer! He scare me! It ok, we have good talk. Now he show respect!

— Tito Corbin's Ghost

The infamous Tito Corbin was the eponymous owner of the first Tito Corbin's Tavern in the City of Talinside Bay a few centuries ago in the 2880's FA. He was of Talino descent and a native of Talinside Bay. He grew up poor and hungry on the city's docks. The precocious child was taken in by the thieves guild and trained as a pickpocket.

He was clever, inventive, and charming enough to escape the guild by befriending the same sailors he would steal from. They took him in and made him a cabin boy on sailing ships plying the Talinian Ocean.

A Piratical Past

Pirate! Me a pirate? That's an exaggeration! Tito Corbin sailor who politely ask for things while holding sword! That's it!

— Tito Corbin's Ghost

At some point he joined a pirate crew and had an adventurous life serving on the crew of the Dirty Princess. During this time they ravaged the Talinian Ocean and the Vitran Sea from the Kingdom of Cantreval down to Osiran. At this time, he discovered that he had some sorcerous talent and became the Princess' ship mage.

Magical Drink Mixing

Corbin eventually retired in his hometown of Talinside Bay with chests full of illicit booty. He opened up the first Tito Corbin's Tavern near the docks where he grew. He discovered another talent at that point, the ability to perform spectacular stunts combining magic, the mixing of drinks, and his innate skill as a performer. He created the art of mixomancy, becoming the first mix-o-mancer.

Tito Corbin always good with fire! He find out that he got magic in blood! Good magic, good show, good drink, good money! So much money!

— Tito Corbin's Ghost

His tavern became a sensation, drawing in enormous crowds who wanted to see the magical performances of Tito Corbin and the others with some magical talent that he trained. Unfortunately, Tito Corbin's greed eventually caught up to him.

A Fiery Finish

Tito Corbin's Pyre
Tito Corbin's Pyre by Chris L - HeroForge

The infamous Tito Corbin, burned to death by pirates he was stealing from.

Unknown to his customers, Corbin had returned to his larcenous roots, setting up his own crew of pick pockets and thieves. His gang frequented Corbin's own tavern, effectively double dipping from his customers. They were paying up front for expensive drinks while literally having their purses and pockets picked from behind. The spectacle of the magical drink makers allowed Corbin's crew to easily steal from the distracted customers.

Tito Corbin never steal! He has helpers! They just find extra money in tavern! It just lying around! I promise!

— Tito Corbin's Ghost

One day, they made the mistake of trying to steal from an infamous pirate and his crew. The cutpurses were caught and tortured until they revealed who they worked for. The ruthless pirates plucked a sleeping Tito Corbin out of his bed, dragged him in front of the tavern, covered him in his own expensive brandy, and lit him on fire.

You ever die from burning to death? It very painful! Tito Corbin no recommend! It ok. Tito Corbin got all them bad guys after he die!

— Tito Corbin's Ghost

Two Lives After Death

After his death,Tito Corbin lived on in two ways. His heirs successfully turned his small chain of taverns into the Tito Corbin's Taverns business chain. They have themed locations throughout the continent of Krosia.

Corbin also lived on as a ghost. He hunted down his killers from the afterlife and ensured that they all met untimely, yet amusing ends. Once he had accomplished his revenge, instead of dissipating, he became entranced by the success of the business that carries his name. To this day, if someone drinks a fiery drink without saying the prayer associated with him, there's a chance that he'll break his boredom by coming to haunt them.

Tito Corbin's Ghost by Chris L - HeroForge

Heaven? Why does Tito Corbin need to go to heaven? Tito Corbin famous! People say his name every night! They pray! To me! They laugh, they drink, they love, they spend money! What heaven better than this? Tito Corbin happy now!

— Tito Corbin's Ghost

Cover image: by Chris L - HeroForge
Character Portrait image: Tito Corbin's Ghost by Chris L - HeroForge


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