Ritual of Lunar Apotheosis

We live in a time of unprecedented potential. The Divine Gate blocks the influence of the old gods. The Breaking of the Bakunawa released the divine energy of the Six Lost Moons into our world. The shattered souls of those unborn godlings yearn for life. Those with the will and the power can raise a moon and birth a god!

The Ritual of Lunar Apotheosis allows those taking part in it to summon one of six unborn moon gods, offer it the avatar present as a host, and launch a new moon into the sky. It has been performed successfully twice now, resulting in the new Hidden Moon and the Silversong Moon.

The Right Conditions

The absence of divinity in the world of Erathia has left it fallow ground for the growth of new divine beings. Nikolaus Silversång gave his life to break open the Bakunawa, releasing the divine sparks of six unborn moon gods.

To maximize their chance for apotheosis, each spark shattered into many pieces. Those seeds of divinity settled into mortal souls, artifacts, and locations. When enough seeds (it's different for each moon sibling) are brought to the correct location, the spark ignites and the Ritual of Lunar Apotheosis may commence.

The Proper Components

To even begin the ritual, the components must first be gathered. Each moon god's has slightly different requirements, but they fall into the same general parameters.

Sparks of Celestial Fire

The ritualists must gather as many divine seeds together as possible. The more they bring together the more likely the ritual will succeed. When the seeds were released, they spread from the Bakunawa's Grave throughout the world.

The Old Gods watch with much curiosity from beyond the Divine Gate. They send dreams and visions to their followers, letting them know that the seeds exist and where to find them. With the rise of two new moons in recent months, the world's great powers have also become aware. They seek out the seeds and everyone wants to perform the ritual for themselves.

A Mortal Avatar

The gods hold much less power than they did in previous Ages. The Divine Gate threatens to eject any new gods out of the Crystal Sphere if they become too mighty. As a result, the ritualists must provide a mortal host for the spark to inhabit. The new avatar must both be strong enough to house divinity, but not so powerful that they are exiled by the Divine Gate.

Artifacts of Power

Lastly, artifacts and magical items must be gathered together to serve as a magnet and conduit for the remaining divine seeds to be attracted by the ritual and channeled into the avatar.

The Correct Ritual

The ritual itself must be conducted in an important location. A temple of the gods, a volcano, or at a locus of magical powers. Once the components have been gathered at a place of power, the actual ritual is a bit of a mystery.

Completed Rituals

So far the two successful rituals have called on the power of the old gods for success. The first was a blood sacrifice to the old god of lies, Malfador at his Temple. Instead of summoning one of the lost moon siblings, the ritual's power was used to empower an avatar for the old god. The Hidden Moon rose from the Temple and flew into the heavens.

Followers of the dead goddess Thaya attempted to do the same for their goddess. She made it clear that she did not want to resurrect, but instead provided power for the ritual to bring back one of her lost siblings. The ritual was completed at her Tomb and gave rise to the new goddess Jenevieve and the rise of the icosahedral Silversong Moon.

Before she faded away, Thaya made clear that the Ritual does not require the blessing of an old god. Theoretically, the ritual could call on any of the new powers (magitech/Maharlitech, hex crystals, totemic gravity, etc.) that have arisen and be just as successful.

Related Deity/Higher Power

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