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Thaya (THAI-yah)

This beautiful goddess was the moon, the last of seven siblings, seven moons. She was worshipped by elves, vampires, lycanthropes, ocean dwellers, and the other mortal races. She was married to Rampol, God of the Sun. She died defending the world on the Night of the Shattered Moon. To avenge her death an alliance of enemies, the Shattered Moon Coalition, took the moon back from aberrant invaders, and laid her divine corpus to rest in the lunar soil.

Thaya and the Bakunawa

At the dawn of time, her brothers and sisters were devoured by the great serpent, Bakunawa. The monster coveted the beauty of the moons that, together, lit the sky as brightly as the sun.

In that time, the Age of Gods, not everything had yet woken up. The defenseless moons still slept, singing in the womb of the sky. Each night, it flew up out of the ocean and ate a sleeping moon.

The night sky dimmed, and the dark things of the world were able to creep out of their hiding places.

Thaya, Goddess of the Moon by Chris L

On the last night of the week, the last moon, the last goddess, finally awoke, missing the song of her siblings. As her eyes opened, she saw the great monster charging her, its mouth open wide ready to eat her whole. Her godly powers surged up and she drew her blade, the Ginunting ng Thaya. She slashed at the Bakunawa, her blade extending as long as a million lakes, and beheaded the monster that had killed her brothers and sisters.

Now the moon is alone in the night sky. She was supposed to have a legion of siblings with her. Her sorrow overcame her and she wept. Her tears became the stars in the sky, so that she would not be the only light in the darkness of night.

Thaya and Rampol

Throughout the Age of Gods and Age of Monsters, Thaya was famous for the battles she fought, the monsters she slew, and the lovers that she took. She vowed to never marry until she felt true love. For millennia, she felt rage and despair, joy and happiness, but she never knew love.

At the beginning of the Age of Mortals, she took the aasimar warrior Rampol as her latest lover. They would meet under the silver tree, Telperion Meltarma, and Thaya finally felt love for the first time. When Rampol died in battle, Thaya fell to despair. The night sky was moonless for three years and three nights as Thaya searched for her dead love, trying to find a way to bring him back to life.

She finally found his soul amongst the entourage of his father, the Storm God Kotath Nar. She rejected the Storm God's first indecent proposition. She threatened to never allow the moon to return to the sky if her lover wasn't returned to her. Eventually, the greater gods agreed to return Rampol to life. They raised him to full godhood to replace the former God of the Sun.

Thaya Crescent Huntress by Chris L - Heroforge

The Night of the Shattered Moon

Thaya met her end when the Far Realm invaded Erathia's crystal sphere. They reanimated the corpse of the Bakunawa. Their goal was to use it to crack open the world and release a newborn evil that had been gestating within the world. The initial attack was redirected and the undead monster's old instincts kicked in. It lunged for the moon, seeking to complete it's millennia old task. As before, Thaya destroyed it with a stroke of her crescent sword, but she perished in the Bakunawa's death throes. It's jaws clamped on to her and their bodies fell to Thaya's lunar domain.


After Thaya's death, her disparate followers formed an alliance, the Shattered Moon Coalition, to avenge her death and eject the Far Realm from their bases on the moon.

The clergy of Thaya's church merged with the clergy of her husband, Rampol, forming the Church of Sun & Moon.

Her sword, the Ginunting ng Thaya was never found. It supposedly still lies somewhere in the dust of the moon.

Thaya's Corpus, her divine remains, are interred in a Tomb on the moon, Sarch na Thaya, guarded by Thaya's Vindicators, who have built their primary lunar base around it.

Thaya Lady Shadows by Chris L - Heroforge



The Silver Lady, Lady of Shadows, Huntress

Intermediate Deity (12)

Symbol: Crescent moon

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Portfolio: Moon, magic, luck, night, celebration

Worshippers: Elves, wizards, people who celebrate, lycanthropes

Cleric Alignments: CG, CN

3E Domains: Charm, Luck, Magic, Moon

5E Domains: Arcana, Life, Light, Moon, Trickery, Twilight

Favored Weapon: Scimitar

Divine Classification
Intermediate Deity
Chaotic Good
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