Divine Gate

The Divine Gate seals the world of Erathia away from divine influence and the interference of the Great Old Ones. To save their creation and end the War Against the Far Realm, the gods lured the greatest of the Old Ones out beyond the crystal sphere of the world and sealed it with a Divine Gate.

As a result, gods can no longer manifest on the worlds within the crystal sphere: Erathia, the Shattered Moon, the Hidden Moon, the Sun, and other spheres.

In the past, mortals could become powerful enough to claim divine power and become avatars, saints, or demi-gods. Now, when a mortal becomes too powerful, they feel the pull of the Divine Gate. Eventually, if they become too strong, they are pulled out of the world to the realms of the gods.

Closing the Divine Gate

A story about me! My favorite! I wonder what's gonna happen?

— Gemini Dolgathason, Avatar of Naraky

On the final day of the War, the great hero Gemini, Avatar of Naraky the Trickster, fled beyond the sky with the Sleeper in a chicken's egg in his pocket. The Great Old Ones lumbered after him, sensing the Great Master's impending rebirth.

Gemini danced in front of death, laughing as the Gods of Insanity popped his illusions one by one. His laughter mixed with tears as his companions fell to the aberrant horde.

The Lords of Greystone sacrificed themselves as a distraction. Long enough for the Gods to rise from the world below. The Divine Host rose up to push and drag the Great Old Ones out of the Crystal Sphere and shut the Divine Gate behind them.

Realising that they had been fooled, the enraged horde descended upon Gemini. With a final laugh, he crushed the egg in his hand and faded away into legend.

The Loophole

Until very recently, it was believed to be impossible for divine beings to exist inside the Crystal Sphere. However, the god Malfador recently succeeded in creating a weakened avatar to house his divine spirit. As long as his avatar, Xeno remains below a certain level of power, Malfador can walk the world in his body.

Malfador revels in his current status as the only god with an avatar. He rules the Cult of Malfador directly, consolidating his power on the mortal plane and advancing the cause of the Hell Week Accords.

Xeno, Avatar of Malfador by Chris L - Heroforge


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Dec 1, 2021 15:58

That is really fascinating - I love how it creates this visual of a crystal sphere, with divinity shut out from it. Super cool!   Some question: is the Divine Gate a physical thing? Or a magical thing? Does it need to be guarded, or do people go on pilgrimages there to worship? Can people go through it? :D   Awesome stuff as always Kito

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Dec 1, 2021 16:35 by Chris L

The concept is from Spelljammer, but I might make it more metaphysical. It's definitely out beyond the atmosphere though. Those are great questions that I'm thinking about!

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Dec 2, 2021 23:26 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love the story about the egg. What a great legend.   Really interesting article. :)

Dec 5, 2021 04:15

A really good article, I enjoyed the read. Well worth the Like/Fave Kitoypoy.   Aemon

Jan 23, 2022 03:23 by E. Christopher Clark

I've loved this idea since I first added it to my Reading List, however long ago that was, but finally reading through it my favorite bit was about how if you become too divine/powerful, you'll get sucked out into the gate. Love that!

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Jan 23, 2022 11:20 by Chi

Very interesting read! Loved how you described the event both as a thing in the past, but also the short paragraph of Gemini and how it happened and then how some have managed to circumvent the blockade.

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