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Kaneyama Kitty

Kaneyama Kitties are a decoration commonly found in homes and businesses throughout the Kirinal Concordance Zone and regions that trade with them. Originating in the sequestered nation of Kaneyama, these hand-painted agimat figurines portray "lucky cats" that have one or both paws raised in a beckoning pose.

The left paw raised attracts customers to a business and the right paw raised supposedly attracts luck. A cat painted white invites happiness and prosperity, while a black painted cat wards off evil spirits and aswang.

They come in many styles, shapes, and forms and can be found in the homes of folks from all walks of life. They range from inexpensive mass-produced clay figures to hand-made works of art worth thousands of bilog. Golden kitties are a status symbol in the Zone-city of Aurumopolis and there's a bidding war for solid-gold lucky cats made by artisans working for the Aurumopolis Profit House.

I'm sure that you'll be fascinated by this, one of the most unique items in my collection, the Golden Kitten of Kaneyama! I personally ventured to that mysterious and exotic nation under cover of a diplomatic mission.

There I discovered this precious and mystical artifact in a temple devoted to children! I gave one of those delightful urchins some candy and, in exchange, I took this solid gold and platinum "Kaneyama Kitten" back home with me for us to enjoy!

-Prof. Dr. Chadimus Plunder, Esq., Ambassador Extraordinaire

Chadimus with Kaneyama Kitty by Chris L - Heroforge
White Kaneyama Kitty by Chris L
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Feb 4, 2024 19:56 by E. Christopher Clark

I want one!

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Feb 4, 2024 19:58 by Chris L

They're so much fun!

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Feb 6, 2024 15:36 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Chadimus is a scoundrel.   I love the kitties. <3

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Feb 6, 2024 16:17 by Chris L

Chadimus is my new POV that I disagree with completely. If he's for it, you can assume I'm against it!

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