Zernon's Eclipse

The Great Oak on the Crystal Sphere

For the first time, news of the status of the gods has come from beyond the Divine Gate. A new star can be seen in the firmament! It marks the spot where the Great Oak of Rampol, God of the Sun, grows on the Crystal Sphere. The great heroes of the Pit Patrol have brought the Golden One back to us! We live in a joyous time! Shall I be lucky enough to see the return of the gods?

Instructor of Recruits

All this God-Talk obviously has my partner really excited, so it's on me to give you the facts on this one. Zernon's Eclipse is an enormous oak tree on the Crystal Sphere with the god Rampol embedded in it. There was a big ruckus with giant cats, a Black Acorn, and a giant skeleton. Then bam, there's a glowing tree. Got it?

Sgt. Kill Flayer

The great oak tree called Zernon's Eclipse grows on the outside of the Crystal Sphere of Kirinal on the edge of a celestial coral reef. The god of the sun, Rampol, is embedded in its trunk. He has been called from the divine afterlife unwillingly to watch the world of Erathia once more. He longs for the day when the world is safe enough to return to his rest in the arms of Thaya, his wife.

Celestial Cats, Giant Skeleton, and Black Acorn

The War Against the Far Realm ended when the Gods Withdrew from the world to save it from the Elder Evils. As the world of Erathia recovered, the gods continued their war against their enemies from beyond reality. No one knows exactly what happened, but we know that they continued to answer prayers, even if some of them had died.

When the Pit Patrol ventured outside the Crystal Sphere to confront the Arimoanga, they found the celestial lion frolicking on a coral reef that grew from an enormous skeleton. From its raiment and relics, they determined that they had found the skeleton of fallen Rampol. In the course of that adventure, they put a Black Acorn of Rebirth into the mouth of the skeleton, returning Rampol to life.

The Lord of Light named his tree, Zernon's Eclipse, for the lion-folk hero Zernon who tamed the Arimoanga.

Vines snake around the skeleton, weaving together to form sinew and muscle. Bark envelops the vines, giving rise to skin adorned with intricate patterns of overlapping leaves. Hair blossoms forth in a cascade of vibrant flowers, and twin suns radiate from the eye sockets, filling the area with a warm and celestial glow. The god awakens in the trunk of the tree, its branches reaching into the heavens. 'Who has raised me from my rest?'

Rampol, the Source of Light and Life by Chris L - Heroforge

Edge of Gravity

The great tree on the Crystal Sphere is similar to the great trees Menelost Telperion and Lokorn. It serves as a source of Totemic Gravity that the correct lodestone can attune to. So far the Pit Patrol are the only people to possess a cutting of the tree that could allow flight to the sun and to the Crystal Sphere.

Zernon's Eclipse Plot Hooks

Invitation to Zernon's Eclipse

The party must travel to the Crystal Sphere to visit the new bright star in the sky. As they approach, they see a shadowy tree with a glowing face embedded in it. Can they pass through the sphere, find the celestial reef, and earn an invitation to the grove of the god in the tree?

Gravity Anomalies

Skyships traveling out of the atmosphere of Erathia are being pulled off course by a change in the gravity currents. Sages and wizards have identified that a new celestial tree must be the new source of Totemic Gravity. The group has been hired to chart the changes and discover the new tree. They are shocked when they are pulled out to the edge of the Crystal Sphere.

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