Soul Storage Spire

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Yes, the Spire is full of foul undead spirits here in the middle of the city, but it's completely safe. There's no way for them to escape!

— Egon the Artificer, Architect of the Soul Spire

The Church of Anam maintains a storage facility fo unquiet spirits next to the Soul Forge in the City of Amaston. If a soul is unavailable from the Kirinal Pit to be turned into a Soulforged, an undead is pulled from the Spire and put through the process instead.

The populace understands the benefits of the Soul Forging process, but they are less happy with a "Ghost Gaol" sitting in the middle of their city. Sensitive souls report hearing the screaming of the undead vibrating the air in the vicinity of the Spire.

I can hear them screaming in my sleep. Why can I hear them screaming?

— Fedrito, 5-year old human boy

The security around the Spire consists of a small army of clerics and paladins. The Spire rises out of the grounds of the Temple of Justice, the entirety of which is hallowed ground. Any escaping undead that could get past the divine guardians would still be unable to cross the hallowed ground of the Temple.

To date, there have been no reported escapes from the Spire.

Prisoners of the Spire

The Ivory Devil

The Dark Rider

The Red Barber

Wayke the Damned

The Searching Guest

Benedict Blase the Biter

The Whispering Dancer

The Praying Teacher

The Electric Skeleton

The Muted Howler

Slimer the Green

Alternative Names
Ghost Gaol, Spirit Prison, the Tinderbox
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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