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Soul Forge

I thank Anam every day for the gift of my rebirth. We soulforged would not exist without the technology of the Soul Forge.
— Instructor of Recruits
Some believe that the Soul Forge should be destroyed. Taking a lost soul, stuffing it into a construct, and calling it a person? Sounds crazy, I know. But without it, I would never have met my partner here.
— Sgt. Kill Flayer

Last Gift From the God of Justice

Before the gods withdrew from the world, the god Anam worked with his followers to reverse a great injustice. The first Kirinal Catastrophe trapped the souls of five hundred thousand people in The Kirinal Pit, attracting the attention of necromancers and fiends who used them as fuel for unholy rites.

Upon death, souls normally make their way to their destined afterlife. For the Dead of Kirinal, the circumstances of their death and subsequent trauma anchors their souls to the Pit. They need a second life to break that connection and The Church of Anam gives that to them. Their souls are reborn in mechanical bodies as Soulforged.

Forging a Soul

The actual process of rebirthing a soulforged is a closely held secret. In general it is known that a combination of disciplines make the Soul Forge a reality.

Those attempting to puzzle out the process have put together a timeline based on public knowledge and assumptions.

They theorize that the process includes at least these steps:

We've been tracing how the soulforged are "reborn". These are the steps we've identified, what's essential and what's a smokescreen?!

— "The Soulforged Conspiracy" - Aleph Zero Revelations

The Soul Forging Process: What We Know

  1. The mechanical bodies, shells, are manufactured in the arcane foundrys of Magus Valley.

  2. The finished shells are sent to the City of Amaston, where they go through a month of ritual prayer to prepare them to receive a soul.

  3. Through an unknown process, a soul trapped in the Kirinal Pit is extracted and transported 100+ miles from the Pit to Amaston.

  4. Every day, the soulforged from past years gather to celebrate Re-Birthdays With One.

  5. As dusk approaces the soulforged and the clergy of Anam celebrate the Mass of Rebirth.

  6. At sunset every day, the entire Forge blazes with light and a team led by the first soulforged One welcomes a life back into the world.

Secrets of the Forge

Sapient mechanical life is well known throughout the planes. Soulforged most resemble the warforged found on other worlds, but they are unique in the Great Wheel. They are not hiding places for the undead. Their shells house souls that have been truly reborn. No one has been able to recreate this exact method of creating mechanical life from lost souls.

It is known that Ghost Hunters aligned with the Church of Anam will come and remove undead at anyone's request. They do not destroy the undead, instead trapping them and taking them to unknown locations. Some speculate that this has something to do with the Soul Forge, but the Church will not comment on the matter.

The Forge only creates one soulforged a day. No one really knows why. Hundreds of people throughout the lands of the Sovranty of Lozar work full time to bring back the Dead. How come there is only one Soul Forge and why can it only rebirth once per day?

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