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Kirinal Catastrophes

The world we live in would be impossible without the twin disasters of the Kirinal Disintegration and the Kirinal Explosion thirty-five years later. Our world rides the razor's edge of annihilation every week, but look at the marvels that we have built!
— Instructor of Recruits
I would be dead in the world before the Catastrophes. For the orcs, we live in the Golden Age now.
— Sgt. Kill Flayer

Two wild magic explosions took place at Kirinal, the capital of the Kingdom of Lozar, and once the greatest city in the world. The first explosion destroyed the city, killed all 500,000 souls in it, and carved a 20-mile wide hole in reality called The Kirinal Pit. The second disaster destroyed the fortresses on the rim, killed another 10,000, and expanded the Pit to 30-miles.

The Disintegration of Kirinal

The 27th Day of Kielmagem, 3005 (6/7/3005)

At the end of The Lichwars the Lich-King's army breached the walls of Kirinal. Sensing victory in his grasp, the Lich King called in all his favors, opening portals to bring in his other armies and extradimensional support.

In response, the Tridenser King and the Eternal Paladins opened portals of their own to summon their allies as well. All the holes to other planes shredded reality, causing a chain reaction of wild magic.

The resulting explosion disintegrated Kirinal and blew open a hole 20-miles wide, releasing heretofore unknown wild magic from deep inside the world. The skies were dark worldwide for a year. Wild magic surges struck randomly and fatally around the world in the Year of Darkness and Flames that followed.

The Interregnum

The thirty-five years between the Disintegration and Explosion were years of civil war, chaos, wild magic, and extraplanar invasions. The Kingdom of Lozar, with the help of Wizard's Peak University, turned all of it's considerable resources to taming the Pit. They built fortresses on the rim and tapped the wild magic of the Pit itself to discharge some of its energy.

Unfortunately for the world of Erathia, the release of wild magic drew the attention of the Elder Gods of the Far Realm. Thirty years after the Disintegration, the Far Realm invaded. Their goal was to crack open the world to release the unborn Elder God inside Erathia.

The Kirinal Explosion

The 32nd Day of Nar, 3040(7/32/3040)

Five years into the War Against the Far Realm, the world's defenders suffered their greatest defeat. As in the previous catastrophe, multiple planar breaches opened in the vicinity of the Kirinal Pit, causing a chain reaction, a second explosion, and the widening of the Pit into a 30-mile wide hole.

The Lozarian forces, having experienced this before, managed to evacuate most of their forces as the energies ramped up. 10,000 troops purposefully held the invading armies in place. They knowingly sacrificed themselves, baiting the trap that incinerated the Far Realm armies.

In the aftermath of the Explosion, all magic failed for 24 hours, the Day of Dispelling. The portals closed and there was no wild magic surge in the absence of magic. Wards and enchantments everywhere, some that had stood for millennia, ended.

When magic returned the next day, the portals reopened and the war continued.

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