Order of Light

Knights of Light Smite Demons!

A report from the 2nd Shatter of Uthromber, 3210 F.A.

The demons of the Abyss come screaming! Their putrid claws scrabbling against the clean marble of the Bulwark of Light.

Standing against the alien horde, the fearless Knights of the Order of Light, resplendent in armor of white and gold!

By their side, the noble Baatezu keep their word and hold the walls with us against the unclean mobs of demons.

We stand fast with our allies! When Shatter ends, the trustworthy Baatezu return to their plane. They keep the treaty we signed with them.

They have proven, once more, that they abide by contracts and believe in law! We trust the Baatezu!

Why do you keep your prejudice against the citizens of the Nine Hells?

We have accepted orcs, goblins, and drow as partners in the Concordance. Do the same for the Baatezu!

— The Beacon -- Official newspaper of the Order of Light

The mighty Blood Knights of the Order of Light defend the world from extraplanar invaders at the Kirinal Pit.

The Cavaliers of Light host beautiful, thrilling tourneys throught the realms. In their travels, they leave behind followers eager to join and fight for the Order.

Companies of Light Troopers travel the roads of the world, protecting the trade in extraplanar goods (legal and illegal) for House Molndal.

Knights of the Order of Light wear beautiful armor enameled in white and ornamented in gold or red. Elite warriors of noble Molndalian blood or great wealth, Light Knights are well trained and the best equipped warriors in the world.

Their ranks are filled out with Light Troopers: commoners, foreigners, or those unable to afford to buy a knighthood. Troopers wear white tabards emblazoned with the gold shield and crossed red swords of the Order.

Traditionally, they were a human-only organization. Since the Dispelling, Molndalian tieflings, half-elves, and genasi of "the blood" have been grudgingly accepted into the Order as a token to racial equality.

They began as a holy knightly order with the mission of riding against the enemies of the sun god Rampol. Within a few generations they became the secular military force of the insular Grand Duchy of Molndal.

Notorious for their wealth, power, and ruthlessness; they exist only to increase the wealth and power of the Duchy and House Molndal. Companies of Light Knights and their Troopers protect the lucrative trade routes between Molndal and their trading partners.

Formed more than a millennium ago, the fortunes of the Order rose and fell with the Kingdom/Duchy of Molndal.

They rose to their current prominence after the Disintegration of Kirinal, when House Molndal took command of the southern rim of the Kirinal Pit, first with the South Fort and its successor, the Bulwark of Light.

Their two major bases are in Morozzo, Molndal and the Bulwark of Light. They have smaller bases in the other Sovranty of Lozar realms: Osarrus, Ballinamore and the Bluestar Alliance.

They also man Molndalian embassies in the other Concordance for Survival nations.




Grandmaster - Highest officer of The Order.

Landmasters - Head officer of a nation or realm.

Tourneymaster - Head officer of the Cavaliers of Light, equivalent to Landmaster.

Legionmaster - Head officer of a legion.



Knight Commander - Battalion leader, 500 troops

Knight Captain - Company leader, 100 troops

Knight Banner - Banner leader, 24 - 36 troops

Knight Lieutenant - Lance/squad leader, 9 troopers led by a sergeant and corporal

Knight - Cavalry member, lowest officer rank

Squire - Trainee knight



Sergeant - Squad commander

Corporal - Second lowest rank, second-in-command of a lance

Trooper - Lowest rank in The Order

Oath of the Order of Light

To the Order and the Blood,
I bring glory and might.   For Citizens and chattels,
I defend and requite.   My obedience and honor,
House Molndal's by right.   Ferocious and righteous,
Our rivals I fight.   I swear by the gods,
Tasath, Ar-Tamak
and Rampol's daylight


Organization Structure

The Order of Light

6 Land Chapters led by the Grandmaster. (20,000 knights and troopers)


Land Chapters

The 5 land chapters are located in one geographic region each. The Cavaliers of Light oversee the sixth chapter, composed of all the smaller groups spread throughout the rest of the continent.

Morozzo, Molndal Chapter - 5,000 knights and troopers

Bulwark of Light, Kirinal Chapter - 5,000 knights and troopers

Ballinamore Chapter - 3,000 knights and troopers

Osarrus Chapter - 3,000 knights and troopers

Weg, Bluestar Alliance Chapter - 1,500 knights and troopers

Cavaliers of Light, Wider Sovranty/Concordance Chapter - 2,500 knights and troopers, squads or company's stationed throughout western Krosia.



The basic building block of the Order is a legion of 1,000 men composed of 200 cavalry (mounted knights), 200 musketeers, and 600 infantry.

Battalion - 500 troops divided into: 100 cavalry, 100 musketeers, 300 infantry.

Company - 100 troops of one type

Banner - 24 - 36 troops of one type.

Lance - 12 cavalry

Squad - 12 musketeers or infantry

Public Agenda

The Order of Light promotes the virtues and benefits of citizenship in the Grand Duchy of Molndal. They recruit non-citizens to join as Light Troopers with the chance of a comfortable, dependable Molndalian citizenship.

They promote "Hell Week", theoretically as a way to further mitigate the manifestation of hostile planes on Shatter. They reason that devils are lawful and can be negotiated with. That they have already started the process with the Embassy of Hell.

Show spoiler
The brighter the light the darker the shadows.

Some of the leadership is corrupt. They are aligned with members of House Molndal and the devils of the Nine Hells. Their secret goal is to deliver the world and its inhabitants to hell, to take control of the Kirinal Pit, and use it to conquer and pillage other worlds.

They excel at swaying the public through the press, music, and the traveling tourneys of the Cavaliers of Light. The peasants and tradespeople of Molndal believe that Light Knights are the greatest heroes of all and that the Order enriches them and brings them glory.


The Blood of T'kor

Elite shock troops based at the Bulwark that defend the world at The Kirinal Pit. These veteran "Blood Knights" actually battle extraplanar incursions on a regular basis. Hard and practical men, they still exult in the trappings of the Order. They take pride in the beauty and deadliness of their arms and armor.

They wear red armor with white and gold embellishments. They joke that it's easier to clean the blood off of red than off of white.

The Beacon newspaper and the Golden Balladeers spread songs and stories exaggerating the accomplishments of the Order of Light and their "Baatezu" allies, much to the exasperation of the other Pit Fortresses.


Flaming Musketeers

Also based at the Bulwark, the Musketeers wield the most advanced weaponry that Molndal has developed, and they will boast about it to anyone who will listen. These lightly armored artillerists support the Blood Knights from the walls of the Bulwark.


Cavaliers of Light

Troupes of jousting knights that travel Sovranty and Concordance lands. They hold glamorous tournaments that attract tens of thousands of fans and enrich the Order and the Duchy. They recruit mercenary soldiers with generous pay and the possibility of citizenship in Molndal.


Light Troopers

Citizens of Molndal with common blood, and those unable to purchase a knighthood, join the Order as Light Troopers. Non-citizens also join for the chance to earn citizenship in Molndal.

Troopers are instilled with the same pride as the upper echelons of the Order. They wear white tabards over armor and carry spear and shield, sword and crossbows into combat.

Shadow passes, light remains.

Founding Date
Military, Knightly Order
Alternative Names
Light Knights, Blight Knights, Blighters
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Power Structure
Feudal state
Controlled Territories
Organization Vehicles
Related Ethnicities

Articles under Order of Light

Character flag image: by Chris L
  • 1990 FA

    26 Layamber

    Founding of the Order of Light

    Warrior priests of Rampol found The Order of Light along the lines of the Order of Tridensers.   They protect pilgrims and merchants visiting the Shrine of the Sun in Morozzo. They are founded on the tenets of poverty, charity, celibacy, and ferocity.   Their major patrons include the royal House Molndal of the Kingdom of Molndal and the Elders of the Shrine of the Sun.

    Empire Troops by Karl Kopinski

  • 2002 FA

    2107 FA

    Sahuagin War/Hundred Year War
    Military action

    For a hundred years, the Sahuagin Empire waged war with every nation on the Talinian Ocean, taking slaves and pillaging every ship sailing above them.

    Eventually, the Kingdom of Lozar led an alliance that destroyed the Sahuagin Empire.

    Talinian Ocean
  • 2050 FA

    The Order of Light Becomes a Secular Organization
    Political event

    We've spent threescore years building a testament to Rampol's glory and wealth. Now He wants us to serve peasants? I say, NO! From now on we serve House Molndal.
    — Grandmaster Rekitach
    After two generations of building the organization into a major political and military power, the Masters of the Order of Light realize that the god Rampol does not actually have any interest in the Order.   The Grand Duchy of Molndal takes the opportunity to take over the Order, stripping out the founding tenets except for ferocity.   The Order and the Duchy turn all of their focus towards the Sahuagin War.

  • 2092 FA

    Kingdom of Molndal Joins the Kingdom of Lozar
    Political event

    After decades of a losing war against the Sahuagin Empire's invaders from the sea, the last King of Molndal and Grandmaster of The Order of Light died in battle trying to retake the main port city of Morozzo.   In desperation, they offered the throne to the immortal King T'Kor, the son of a Molndalian princess. He accepted, bringing the kingdom under the protection of the Lozarian Navy.

    Additional timelines
  • 2107 FA

    3000 FA

    Pax Lozaria
    Era beginning/end

    A millenia of peace under the reign of the Tridenser King and his Order of Tridensers.   The Order of Light and the Red Lancers functioned in the shadows of the glory of the Tridenser Paladins.

    Additional timelines
  • 3000 FA

    3005 FA

    Molndal & The Order of Light in the Lichwars
    Military action

    Molndal and the Order of Light acquitted themselves honorably in the Lichwars.   The Grandmaster of the Order, Lord Vasilius Molndal, commanded the Northern Army, rerouting an invasion of orcs and hobgoblins. A tactical genius and a bold warrior, he managed to cut off the orcish army's supply routes, driving the entire army of Aurag and Dolgathan into the Wildlands.

  • 3006 FA

    3009 FA

    Lozarian Succession Wars
    Military action

    In the aftermath of the Lichwars and the Disintegration of Kirinal, the remaining lords wage to war to determine the first new King of Lozar in a millennia.
    The Contenders

    • Lord Vasilius Molndal, General of the Northern Armies and Grandmaster of The Order of Light. A hero of the Lichwars, he was the strongest candidate, with a bloodline linked to the mother of King T'kor.
    • Baron Meinke of Equalian, General of the Eastern Armies which fought the hardest battles on the most difficult front of the war. His family descended from Loz's old Numorian bloodline.
    • Duke Redoak of Taristrae, Admiral of the Lozarian Navy who had the support of the merchants and tradesmen. His family claimed descent from King Amaston the Red.
    • Sir Borland, a Knight Banneret of the Tridenser from a minor branch of T'Kor's family. He lost his left arm in the war and was beloved by the common people.
    Additional timelines
  • 3006 FA

    Assassination of Vasilius Molndal
    Life, Death

    Duke Vasilius Molndal, General of the Armies of the North and Grandmaster of the Order of Light is the strongest contender for the crown of Lozar. He would be the first Molndalian King of Lozar.   He and his personal guards are assassinated by agents of Duke Redoak, the next best contender to become King.   His death begins the Succession Wars for the throne of Lozar.

    Additional timelines
  • 3010 FA

    3015 FA

    Building of South Fort on the Kirinal Pit
    Construction beginning/end

    With the end of the Succession Wars and the failure of Duke Redoak's bid, Molndal and the Order of Light are given the responsibility of manning the South Fort on the Kirinal Pit.   The fortunes of the House and the Order begin to rise. It is rumored that the disaster of Lord Vasilius' death led to House Molndal calling upon dark forces for aid.

    Additional timelines
  • 3040 FA

    3045 FA

    Construction of the Bulwark of Light
    Construction beginning/end

    After the Kirinal Explosion, The Order of Light was given the responsibility of replacing the former South Fort on the new rim of the Pit. Within five years, they finished the main construction of a defensible bulwark.

    Bulwark of Light
    Additional timelines
  • 3040 FA

    32 Nar

    Tiefling Blood Revealed
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    For 24 hours after the Kirinal Explosion, called the Day of Dispelling, magic ceased to function worldwide. For Molndal and the Order of Light, this meant that the tieflings living among them were stripped of their magical disguises.   At first the populace rose against the devil-bloods revealed among them. However, Princess Alera Molndal, the daughter of the Duke and wife of the Prince of Corgi, convinced a mob to spare her tiefling son.   News of their mercy spread. Eventually the xenophobic populace managed to include anyone of Molndalian descent as members of "the Blood."

  • 3210 FA

    Signing of "The Hell Week Accord"
    Political event

    The High Table of the Bulwark of Light presents the other Concordance for Survival members with the "Hell Week Accords."

    They propose "Hell Week", a negotiated week expanding the alliance with the Nine Hells. If the Kirinal Pit manifests with the Nine Hells for a week, the chances of inimical planes manifesting on Shatter could be reduced to almost zero.


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The 5 land chapters are located in one geographic region each.
  I believe fo should be for?
They excel at swaying the public through the press, music, and the traveling tourneys fo the Cavaliers of Light.
  I am also curious what is meant by considering a people to be members of "the Blood"?   Overall I enjoyed your article. The thought of thr Order of Light working for the darkness (albeit unknowingly to most of their membership) is intriguing and I can't help but wonder what will happen when people (both within and without the order) find out.

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