Pit Patrol Adventuring Company

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of World of Wizard's Peak
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Supporting Cast
  • Captain Balthazar
    Captain in the Army of the City of Brass. Incinerate's commanding officer, gave the quest to find her to the party.
  • Fedora
    Fez's mom. Was working at the Hex Crystal Alloy Mine Got injured in a kruthik infestation, saved by her son and the party.
  • Scout Incinerate
    A fire genasi ranger. She was lost investigating a tomb outside the City of Brass.
  • Sgt. Alcanus Firehoof
    A centaur sergeant on the Kirinal Pit in charge of sending new recruits on their missions. No nonsense and gruff.
  • Skypilot Soot
    Non combatant fire genasi sky pilot. She ferries the party around the Pit at the command of Sgt Firehoof.

Sessions Archive

28th Jan 2023

PPAC Session 3: Back to the Hex Mines

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21st Dec 2022

Episode 2.5: Baku Backups, the Anamas Eve Siege

After the destruction of the Transmog Oven, the Baku Backups attempt to keep the recovered children safe from the predations of Aswang.

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17th Dec 2022

Episode 2: The Nightmare Before Anamas

3rd Dec 2022

Episode 1: Infestation of the Hex Crystal Mine

22nd Oct 2022

Episode 0: One-Shot, Welcome Pit Meat

Fresh recruits enter the Kirinal Pit for the first time!

The Protagonists

Mender Of Bluxton Lucius Solara

Oyxuysi Oyxuys

Fez the Jest