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The Beacon

The official newspaper and mouthpiece of the Order of Light. The Beacon promotes the interests of the Order, House Molndal, and the High Table.

It focuses on the achievements of the Orders knights and soldiers at the Kirinal Pit and especially highlights the benefits of the Baatezu Alliance with the High Table and the Magister's Dominion. It promotes the passage of the Hell Week Accords.

Knights of Light Smite Demons!

A report from the 2nd Shatter of Uthromber, 3210 F.A.

The demons of the Abyss come screaming! Their putrid claws scrabbling against the clean marble of the Bulwark of Light.

Standing against the alien horde, the fearless Knights of the Order of Light, resplendent in armor of white and gold!

By their side, the noble Baatezu keep their word and hold the walls with us against the unclean mobs of demons.

We stand fast with our allies! When Shatter ends, the trustworthy Baatezu return to their plane. They keep the treaty we signed with them.

They have proven, once more, that they abide by contracts and believe in law! We trust the Baatezu!

Why do you keep your prejudice against the citizens of the Nine Hells?

We have accepted orcs, goblins, and drow as partners in the Concordance. Do the same for the Baatezu!

— The Beacon -- Official newspaper of the Order of Light


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