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Naraky's First Egg

In the Age of Monsters the dragons and giants warred.   Their war began to crack the world.   Diben Maraud prepared to cleanse them with fire and water.   The child, Naraky, asked the Progenitor, “Can we save just the small mortals?”   No. The disobedience of the First Children has doomed them all.   “Can’t they be friends?”   They are too proud. Leave me child. I must prepare.   The crying child ran to his mother.   “There, there, little one, why do you cry?”   “The small mortals are my friends. They’re going to die with the big ones.”   “Your tears are worthy. I love them too. I grieve with you.”   “Mother, how can I help? I’m so little.”   “Their pride brings their doom. Maybe their love will bring their salvation?”   “Help me?”   “Child, I cannot. The Progenitor calls. I love you. Go play.”   In the Age of Monsters the Dragon Empire filled the sky with leathery wings, raining destruction down upon their foes. The Giant Tribes covered all of the earth and they returned destruction from the ground into the skies.   Between them the mortal races cowered in the hidden places as extinction or enslavement closed in around them.   In Sollo, the Giant’s Vale, the giant tribes await the birth of the Storm Prince.   On the Island of Dragon’s, the Dragon Empire expects the Dragon Dauphin to hatch.   The Prophecy of Ascension foretells that the Child will usher in the New Age. Both nations believe that their scion will be the Ascendant.         Naraky switched the unborn Dragon Dauphin in its egg with the Storm Giant Princess in her mother’s womb.     There is no returning to the “old ways”, there is only the future.

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