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Kirinal Pit - Circa 3030 - D&D 3E

The Pit after the Discharging in 3030

  • 20 mile wide pit
  • Carved out by the explosion that destroyed the capital city of Lozar at the end of the Lichwars.
  • A seething mass of magical energy
  • Levels of magic decreased after the Transformation of Dolgathan
  • The Pit is a “thin” place between dimensions
  • Outsiders commonly invade from the Pit
  • Fortifications
    • Forts at each of the cardinal points
    • North Fort, South Fort, East Fort, West Fort
    • West Fort, the Fortress of Kirinal, is the largest and most heavily manned
    • Four smaller watchtowers midway between each fort
    • Northwest Tower, Southwest Tower, Southeast Tower, Northeast Tower
    • It takes one day of normal travel on horseback to go halfway around the Pit, i.e. from the North Tower to The South Tower with a stop at the East or West Tower along the way
  • Guardsmen of the Pit / Pit Guards
  • Guardsmen are divided into Lancers, Infantry and Support
  • Lancers are mounted units that patrol the Pit Road.
  • Patrols are always traveling the Pit Road, day and night
  • There is always a patrol between towers at any time
  • They start from a fort, pass a tower and reach the next tower in four hours
  • After a meal they go back to their own fort arriving in another four hours
  • If they encounter trouble they signal for assistance, assess the problem, and either engage the enemy, try to hold until help arrives, or run for their lives
  • Infantry are unmounted troops based at the forts and towers.
  • Infantry and bowmen are separate units
  • When a signal is sent they march to the problem to help or prepare to defend
  • Supporters are spellcasters: wizards and clerics
  • They ride with the patrols and/or are based at the forts and towers
  • They provide Magic Weapon or Greater Magic Weapon spells, mostly on arrows, as needed
  • Clerics provide healing and protection, wizards act as artillery and protection
  • Typical patrol: 12 Pit Guard Lancers – Ftr2
  • 1 Wizard, Level 5
  • 1 Cleric, Level 5
  • 1 Warrior, Fighter, Ranger or Paladin, Level 6
  • Typical Pit Guard Lancer
  • Human Ftr2 mounted on light war horsesWear chain mail with large wooden shields, armed with heavy lances, longswords and short bows
  • Feats: Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack, Weapon Focus (Heavy Lance), Spirited Charge
  • Often Knights of the Red Lance
  • Typical Pit Guard Infantry
  • Human War2
  • Wear chain shirt with large wooden shields, armed with longspear, heavy crossbow and longswords
  • Feats: Power Attack, Endurance
  • Any order of knighthood operating in Lozar is required to provide guardsmen, knights and supplies for duty on the Pit
  • Red Lancers form the bulk of the knights and Lancers
  • Order of Light often gives money and supplies instead of troops and knights
  • Knights of Order of Light who do serve exclusively as officers
  • Tridensers, as elite knights, are usually patrol leaders, garrison commanders, and other officers
  • Graduates of WPU are required to serve Lozar for 2 years
  • Many are assigned to the Pit
  • Clerics of Anam from Amaston often serve at the pit for a 1 year tour of duty
  • Many are assigned several tours throughout a lifetime
  • Many of the guardsmen end up acquiring a level or two of wizard or sorcerer

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