After the Shattered Moon

Six months have gone by in a blur since the Night of the Shattered Moon. You have spent the time dealing with the troubles that ripple out from change on a global scale. There have been riots and looting, mass suicides and the emergence of death cults, general unrest in the populace, and a thousand other events. Following is a list of events and changes that you have noticed.   The moon is now a shattered sphere of rubble, held together by pulsing masses of sickly blue-green and yellow-white organic matter. From time to time, a piece of the moon breaks away and tries to fall to earth. Most of the piece is usually destroyed by the world's guardians (see below), but from time to time a small piece will fall to earth. What happens to those pieces is unknown.   A series of glowing satellites now stands between the moon and Erathia. Upon closer, magical inspection it has been discovered that some of the satellites are brightly shining castles manned by angels and other celestials. Other satellites are stone fortresses filled with air and fire elementals. The balance of the objects are burning keeps crawling with all manner of winged devils and demons. Whenever forces from the moon try to descend to the world, the guardians in the satellites boil out to turn back the invading aliens.   The invaders are from an alien dimension known as the Far Realms. Their goal is to crack open the world to release the greatest of their kind, their most powerful god, the Sleeper.   Three gods are definitely known to have died on the Night of the Shattered Moon: Braza, Feshluf and Thaya. Other gods have also died, but their identities are currently unknown. The clerics of the Unknown Dead have been keeping their deities deaths a secret.   Clerics of gods who died have lost access to all their spells above third level. Clerics who switch their worship to another god with a similar portfolio have managed to get back access to all their spells.   Not all clerics have switched over, some still hope for their deity's return or hope that someone will take over for their fallen god.   Braza's body fell in northern Corgi, near the border of Genamyr.   When Braza died, magic ceased to work for 24 hours. Since then, magic has come back, but it's unpredictable. Things appear to be slowly coming back to normal. Most believe that Diben Maraud is rebalancing magic worldwide.   Magic is different now. Spells are subtly different and some magic items are not the same anymore.   The site where Braza's body fell is a storm of magical chaos. Several parties have entered the storm to discover the disposition of Braza's body, but none have returned. The storm appears to have lessened in recent days.   Feshluf's body fell into the Lake of Red Tears in Kiris.   Kiris is a plague zone. A hundred different diseases now ravage that nation and it's ruling mages have isolated themselves in an attempt to prevent becoming infected.   The clerics and healers of Kiris have been unable to prevent the epidemic from spreading and Kiris' neighbors fear that the plague will spread beyond that nation's borders.   The waters of the Lake of Red Tears have turned into boiling blood.   Thaya's body was dragged to the moon by the invading Far Realmers.   When Thaya died, the tides went mad, flooding coastal cities.   Lycanthropes world-wide have gone on a rampage, attacking any living thing they encounter. The disease of lycanthrope is threatening to become an epidemic.   Thaya was a major patron goddess of the elves. Elves world-wide are in mourning.   Someone or something has started granting spells to Thaya's clerics again.   There are reports that the ooze that fell to earth on the Night of the Shattered Moon causes horrifying transformations. Rains of the ooze are said to have fallen in the following places:  
  • A battlefield on the border of Corgi and the Venom Woods.
  • The Dechan Woods, a druidic stronghold inside of Borthakar and the homeland of the druid known as Beast.
  • The Ghastly Forest.
  • Other unknown locations.
  There are rumors that powerful mortals and some minor demi-gods are seeking out ways to assume the mantle of godhood and take the place of the fallen gods.   Previously unknown monsters of gigantic size and incredible power have been sighted in the far wilderness. They are slowly making their way to civilized lands.   Rumors are spreading that agents of some unknown power are seeking something called the Lance of Endless Night. They are torturing people for information and killing anyone that gets in their way.   A total eclipse of the sun is coming in four months. Sages and scholars fear that the eclipse marks the true end of the world.   What do you do?

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