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Mountain Jakar

At one time, dinosaurs were just curiosities: fossils to be studied by sages or singular time-lost creatures washed up here and there by some wild magic mishap. Then the Caves of Dread opened up to a lost world of them in the Red Mountains!
Them Mountain Jakar were dirt poor before the dinosaurs showed up. The only resources the Red Mountains offered was third-rate granite and stringy goats! Then the dinos showed up and the mountain folk have been cashing in ever since!
— Sgt. Kill Flayer

The Mountain Jakar are composed of a majority of humans mixed with half-elves, half-orcs, and genasi. Subsets of gnomes and halflings live side-by-side with them, as they do throughout the world. They blend the cultures of plains-dwelling Jakar and diasporic Talino highlanders who immigrated to Krosia. They sought out mountains similar to those in their homeland and, in typical Talino fashion, brought along as many of their friends as possible.

They settled in the resource-poor Red Mountains that had been ignored by the dwarves and other mountain-dwelling peoples. They subsisted on low-yield rice terraces and scrawny goats for centuries until the Day of Dispelling revealed a hitherto unknown land of dinosaurs beneath them.

Dino Wranglers

The Caves of Dread revealed a gateway to a humid prehistoric world full of dinosaurs. The Mountain Jakar panicked at first when flying dinosaurs came out of the new cave and started eating their skinny livestock. Once they got over their fears and began exploring the cave, they realized that they had a resource to exploit that could change their lives forever.

They put together all of the money they had to hire Horse Lords to train them in animal handling and husbandry. They have adapted the skills of their lowland kin to tame a range of dinosaurs as domesticated beasts.

The most well known are the quetzals they use as flying mounts and air transport. They also have trained ceratopsians, sauropods, and even elite war tyrannos.

The other members of the Sovranty highly value trained dinos for the amount of work they can accomplish. Trained dinos along with skilled Jakar handlers command a premium price around the Sovranty. They are so highly valued that the Sovranty has reserved the trade in dinos exclusively to Sovranty members.

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