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Sentinels of the Dragon Isle

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of World of Wizard's Peak
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Supporting Cast
  • Draxelas Aurak
    The Morale Officer at Station Desolation. Responsible for keeping order and loyalty to the Empire. Keeps track of and control of contraband.
  • Paragon Prophet
    A dragonborn champion and Captain of Desolation Station. Brave, curious and loyal. Wondering if the Truth is really real.

Sessions Archive

10th Aug 2022

Session 7: The Stillborn God and the 5-Headed Mother

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27th Jul 2022

Session 6: Family Time

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19th Jul 2022

Session 5: The Soul of the Storm Child

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6th Jul 2022

Session 4: Father's Day

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28th Jun 2022

Session 3: The Fox

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21st Jun 2022

Session 2: Finding the Father

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15th Jun 2022

Session 1: The Unmade Beast

The Sentinels investigate wreckage from beyond the Boundary.

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You are the most trusted members of society on the subcontinent of Darastrix Tolgalen. You protect reality itself, the Truth of Darastrix Tolgalen, from the threat of The Fallacy. There is nothing except for Darastrix Tolgalen, everything else is a lie and a deception. The Truth existed since time immemorial: the Land, the Sea, and the Red Dome of Heaven that marked the end of reality.   A lifetime ago, on the Day of Deception, the Red Dome disappeared, replaced by an unnatural void. The void shines blue during the day as the unrelenting Eye of the Enemy travels above. At night, it becomes dark and black, full of small uncaring eyes. The changing nature of the "sky", with the "Shattered Moon" and new "moons" constantly appearing are obvious proofs of The Truth and The Fallacy.   Your job is to stand watch at the Edge of Reality. Unreal things pass the Boundary into The Truth. It is your job to send those things back into The Fallacy or destroy them. Most heartbreaking for you are the Unmade. Ghosts of those who left The Truth and became unreal. They look like people you might have known, even loved, but those that pass the Boundary die and are no longer real. The Unmade are the most dangerous of the Unreal. You are ordered to destroy them on sight, before they can seduce you into entering the Fallacy.

This story is told by

The Protagonists

Nyxek the Resplendent


Kal Wah Bunga

Tad Polo