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Old Numorian

The language of Old Numor was the language of my god Anam. It is the language written into the gears of my limbs and the crystal of my soul. The Common speech of the Zone is the direct descendant of Old Numorian.
The Numorian Empire drove my people north from their ancestral lands and condemned us to thousands of years of hardship and war in the cold north! It was the best thing that could have happened! Look how big and strong old Sgt. Kill Flayer is now!

Old Numorian is the ancient language of the human Numorian Empire. In it's heyday the Empire covered all the lands that touched the Vitran Sea and the Sea of Hammers. It ruled the continent of Krosia from Amaston in the barbaric Far West south to Andin. It also laid claim to the ancient lands of Osiran and the northern tip of Bekebeth.

The vast empire was united by the Old Numorian language which was spoken by the highborn, government officials, and scholars. Through the power of the Numorians, it evolved into the Common tongue spoken by humans on two continents.

The Language of Magic

The human race had dabbled in pact magic and raw sorcery before the Empire of Numor, but the first true human wizards were Numorians. Before regular contact with other folk was commonplace, the wizards of Numor mastered the arcane arts on their own. The Arcane Library of Numor contains codexes from this time with the first human steps towards wizardry.

The College Arcane in Numor continues to turn out competent wizards trained in the traditions of the first wizards of mankind. The school has long since been eclipsed by Wizard's Peak University and the Sekaran Academy, but graduates of the College Arcane are still widely respected.

The Tongue of the Gods

The Church of Anam, Church of Sun & Moon, and other great religions of Krosia wrote their holy books in Old Numorian. The language is still used to this day in services and is the official language of their clergy. These are the last mortal places where the old, original tongue is still spoken.

The other place you can hear Old Numorian spoken is in the Zone on the day of Heaven. As a heavenly plane Manifests in the Kirinal Pit, angels speaking the Tongue of the Gods can be heard in mortal minds for miles around.

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