Of the Ahool the Guano

The goblin Guano is a self-taught magitech mechanic and all-around handygoblin who works at Lola's Comfy Kitchen. He loves machinery and gadgets and is always tinkering. His workshop is full of half-completed projects and exotic magitech that he has disassembled and not yet bothered to put back together.

In his spare time he loves to fish and can be found among the pilings underneath his beloved kitchen. He usually has up to a dozen lines in the water cast from his handmade fishing rods using his experimental lures.

An escaped bond servant from the Magister's Dominion, he wants nothing more than to keep his job and fish in peace.

Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures

Cover image: World of Wizard's Peak Generic Header by Gillian Galang
Character Portrait image: Guano the Maintenance Goblin by Chris L - Heroforge


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