Lucius Solara

Servant of the Sun Lucius Solara

Lucius Solara was born in a small town by the name of Bluxton. His parents were unknown to him, as he was an orphan that grew up in the town's Wizard Tower. Lucius would grow up learning from the wizards of the tower, however he never found an affinity for any of the schools present there. Because of his inability to learn magic at a higher level, Lucius became a mischievous child both within the wizard's tower and throughout town.

When a traveling party consisting of some servants of the sun came through town, word of their great healing quickly spread through the town. Within this world, Pelor was regarded as the god of the sun. Lucius took interest in these servants, and would later take on the holy vestments to become one that heals. Lucius shaped up to be a self-sacrificing young adult that always strives to be "good" and do the right thing.

Lucius left the town of Bluxton and came across Wizard's Peak, still worshipping the sun under a different name, Rampol. He set foot to make a difference where he could, coming across and enlisting in the Kirinal Pit Patrol.

The Sun
The Sun by Chris L

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Lucius Solara

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Lucius has a toned, muscular build, but not one of amazing strength.

Body Features

Lucius has two-toned silver and white hair. His skin is fair/tanned.

Facial Features

Lucius's eyebrows are dark silver with kind blue eyes and an encouraging smile.

Physical quirks

Lucius's emotions seem to manifest physically. For example, when Lucius is angry, his hair and eyes may turn a crimson red. When he is sad, they may turn a powder blue.

Apparel & Accessories

Lucius is wearing an adventurer's garb over a set of chainmail armor. His hat and coat are a medium blue; his boots, cuirass, backpack are a dark brown leather.

Specialized Equipment

There is a holy symbol inlaid on his shield.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

When Lucius was first born, his parents left him at the town's wizard's tower. The wizards took him in, however he did not find any interest in any of the schools of magic present at the tower. It wasn't until he witnessed the priests of the local church's healing that Lucius took upon magic.

Gender Identity

Lucius is a male.


Lucius is heterosexual.


Lucius was given a wizard's education at the wizard's tower in Bluxton. He learned to read, write, and practice alchemy while there. He learned to heal from the priests of the local church.


Lucius helps and heals people whenever he can, wherever he can.

Morality & Philosophy

Lucius always looks to help out someone in need where he can, even if they are hostile towards him.

Personality Characteristics


Lucius was always motivated intrinsically to "do good."


Religious Views

Although Lucius was not very religious in his early life, he found attunement with the domain of life.   Currently, Lucius serves the god Rampol.

Wealth & Financial state

Lucius lives comfortably in Bluxton, not possessing great nor little wealth.

Lucius Solara of Bluxton is a life domain cleric who follows the god Rampol.

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Lawful good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Hero of Bluxton
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
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