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Out of the Pit Report

General Summary

As Shatter dawns, the Pit glows gray and the Shadowfell manifests:
  • Silverzilla spent her life savings to visit The Kirinal Pit on Shatter
  • The soulforged paladin, 3,561 , awoke after 240 years standing in place at the edge of the Pit.
  • Aiden , the fallen Aasimar and a warlock of Safara falls out of the sky, his last memory, the Disintegration of Kirinal. He is the Last Survivor of the Lich-King's Army
  Not knowing what to make of each other, they consider fighting each other until zombies from the Shadowfell drop from the wall and attack them.   In the battle, 3,561 is almost killed, only to be revived by Aiden. As she lies between death and life she remembers the Escape From Kirinal.   It takes all of their skills and resources, but they eventually defeat the zombies.   As they recover, the Kirinal Divers come upon them. The Divers are the tip of the spear on Shatter. It is their job to fly into whatever dimension has manifested in The Pit. The Surveyor of Worlds, the soulforged also known as 2, takes a particular interest in 3,561, calling her sister and telling her that the memory of The Escape is a common one among the soulforged.   They decide to travel to the Citadel of Anam and realize that 3,561 is a minor celebrity, known as a landmark between the Citadel and the Fortification of Kiris.   They rest and resupply at the Citadel. Aiden conceals his identity as a Safaran warlock, knowing that his uniform and insignia would create dread and consternation among the Lozarians. While waiting for the officials at the Citadel to decide what to do with 3,651, they take a job recovering goblin slaves escaping the Fortification.   That night Aiden hears the voice of his patron, the Lich-King in his head. "At last, someone has returned to the world. I have been blind for centuries, but now I can see again. Find my Crown so that I may rise again."   They retrace their steps back to where they first met and come across a pitiful goblin running from a pitched battle with Kirisian drow slavers. They battle a wounded drow gunslinger and his partner and rescue Gobby Biscuits, who decides to join them out of gratitude.   Aiden takes the gunslingers musket and realizes that it's the perfect cover for his powers. If he channels his powers through the gun and is careful using his magic, he can pretend to be a gunslinger while trying to bring his master back into the world.
BTS in the Zone
Report Date
21 Mar 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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