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Navigator's Guard

The Concordant Navigator's Guard have the honor of acting as the bodyguards and personal armed force of the Navigator of Worlds. Their careful planning prevents any threat from reaching the master of the Tower. They have the honor of placing their lives in the way of danger to the Navigator and the world.
The NavGuard must be doing something right. There've been attempts, but no one gets through the Guard. No one has touched a hair on old Chagroth's head for more than a hundred years. I hear that he loves to sneak away to pursue his own private business, but the Guard won't confirm or deny that the Navigator is ever outside of their protection.

The Concordant Navigator's Guard, more commonly known as the Navigator's Guard and NavGuard, are an elite force of guards trained in magic who protect the person of the Navigator of Worlds, Chagroth Durinhelm. Thousands of the best magical warriors in the world apply to join their number, only a few dozen are selected every year to join their ranks. Members of the Order of Tridensers, Red Feather Battlemancers, the Red Lancers, and other elite knightly and arcane warrior orders have been Navigator's Guards.


The Navigator guides the Kirinal Pit through the planes every day, picking which plane will Manifest in it at dawn. Without his guidance, the Pit could manifest any plane for a random amount of time. That would send the world back into the anarchy of invasions from hostile worlds or extradimensional madness. Every day would be Shatter.

They guard the Navigator around the clock, day and night, and every day of the year. They escort him wherever he goes and Chagroth grudgingly accepts their protection. He understands their purpose, but chafes under their constant attention.

They are stationed at Chagroth's Tower where the Navigator guides the world using the Orrery of Worlds. Chagroth sometimes travels the world through teleport portals or personally teleporting himself. The NavGuard are responsible for keeping up with him. He doesn't always cooperate, but he will eventually scoop up his worried guards if he's been away for too long.


The regiment consists of 100 guardsmen and 35 officers who are capable with both magic and weapons.

The command structure consists of:

Commissioned Officers

  • 1 NavGuard Colonel - Leader of the Guard, reports directly to the Navigator
  • 1 NavGuard Chaplain - Religious leader of the Guard, reports directly to the Navigator
  • 1 NavGuard Major - Second-in-command
  • 2 NavGuard Banner - captains in charge of 50 guards
  • 4 NavGuard Knights - lieutenants in charge of 25 guards.

Non-commissioned Officers

  • 5 NavGuard Sergeants - in charge of 20 guards
  • 10 Navguard Corporals - In charge of 10 guards
  • 10 Navguard Vice Corporals - In charge of 10 guards

Guards server for at least two years and a maximum of 5 years. Officers can serve a lifetime commission that ends when they reach the end of "middle age" for their ancestry, typically 50 years old for humans, 250 years for dwarves, and 600 years for elves.

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