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Neutral evil Magocracy Magic
  • Mages are the ruling class
  • Magic is fairly common
  • Many magic items can be easily bought and sold in the larger cities
  • Molak , the god of death, is the most commonly worshipped god
Most inhabitants are humans, along with a sizable population of dark elves (drow)


  • Capital city, second largest city in Kiris
  • Home of the Sekaran Academy
  • A school for wizards
  • Before WPU, was the greatest school of magic


  • Previous capital city, largest city in Kiris
  • Location of the Necropolis, largest graveyard in the world
  • All the dead of Kiris are required to be buried in the Necropolis
  • In times of war, the dead are raised to join Kiris’ armies

Bone Fields

  • Region of Kiris to the east of Kaalslautern
  • A wasteland filled with undead, ruins and the remains of armies
  • Rich in mineral wealth


Ruled by a group called the Pentarkana Usually the 5 most powerful mages in the country Usually 18th level or better wizards or sorcerers Current composition is as follows
  • Furnok – male, human evoker 20/mystic 10
  • Zerlecka - female, drow wizard 23/archmage 3
  • Cothoron - male, human necromancer 5/cleric 5/true necromancer 10
  • Jaana - female, human sorcerer 19
  • Mongrak - male, drow conjurer 20
Arcane spell casters hold all positions of power Wizards are held in more esteem than sorcerers Powerful mages rule vast estates Most leave the actual ruling to Overseers Mages have absolute authority within their dominions Commoners have very few rights Crimes are harshly punished Divine spell casters are respected next to arcane casters The country was dominated by necromancers for many centuries 200 years ago, during Minaran secession, necromancers ceased to be the only ruling class Other types of arcane spell casters gained prominence Necromancers are not fully trusted anymore, but are respected Anyone, regardless of race or social class, with any talent for magic is allowed to try to become a mage. Those who fail become fodder for the necromancers. Kiris’ relations with it’s neighbors are mostly guarded Kiris does not trust it’s neighbors and they do not trust it Kiris has waged war on, or invaded, all of it’s neighbors more than once Relations with Minara are hostile Minara was once a part of Kiris It is now a nation of arcanophobic witch-hunters  

Kirisian Military

Elite troops include Sky Knights mounted on vandalraugs Sky Wizards mounted on kavainuses


  Slavery is widespread in Kiris Most common slaves are goblins Kirisian goblins have become more civilized during their centuries of captivity They are now LN 1 in 1000 Kirisian goblin babies are blue goblins Blues have the potential to become psionic Slaves of other races exist Mostly debtors and/or those too weak to avoid the slave traders A network of blues and merciful humans exists that frees slaves and tries to get them out of the country to Minara The leader of the network in Kaalslautern is a blue named Theron A psion with a penchant for fire He does his business in the city disguised as a human man of small stature

Travel in Kiris

  • Travel in Kiris is very dangerous
  • The countryside is plagued with monsters
  • Undead
  • Lycanthropes
  • Other types of monsters
  • Bandits
  • A common practice is to travel with baskets of goblin babies to give to monsters encountered on the road
  • There are way-houses every 20 miles on the road
  • These are strong huts, warded against most undead and minor monsters
  • Most travelers journey with large groups

Magi omnis

Geopolitical, Magocracy
Government System
Power Structure

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